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    CPU speed lock and high usage after update 1.12

    Task manager doesn't seem to report reliable results when running CP2077 for whatever reason. Something like HW Monitor will likely give more accurate data.
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    Rosa Escarlata clothing items

    Maybe I'm the odd one out but I don't buy games to play dress-up, especially in a game that's completely first person.
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    Vehicle speed indicator in the game: broken! Or perhaps CDPR did this intentionally? Anyhow, bug or feature, but it's WRONG!

    All games with fast cars, especially things like GTA clones employ tricks to make the cars seem faster; sounds, zooming and blurring, it's a known an very effective tactic. I can't find the developer talk that shows its very clearly side by side with and without the 'tricks'.
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    [SOLVED] IMPORTANT: PC version vulnerability

    Using any external software is risky, not surprising. EDIT: looking at the github link above it seems the vulnerability is in the save loading? Very odd.
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    Key to take a 'normal' screenshot?

    My GOG client never updated, I'm still on -Beta, and I can't figure out what to whitelist on my firewall to allow it so I just gave up. Instead I launch from steam (which lets me turn on an FPS counter) and use F12 to take screenshots. If I want to take a shot using the photomode I set...
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    Huge update on GOG

    I don't play many modern games that are still receiving patches but is it common for games of a similar size to require such large temp space to apply the patches? How about Witcher 3? Probably my only recent experience is with a few Red Dead Redemption 2 patches, and they didn't have that...
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    Draw distance of lights absolutely awful since patch 1.10 - help please

    Is there more going on in this fix than is relayed in the patch notes? Probably needs community input, here are the patch notes for v1.1
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    Such low performance! Why?

    The game does take some tweaking to get decent frames on even the latest specs, and at lower settings we should be getting higher frames than is possible (poor optimization), but consider games like crysis that basically no one could run at the highest settings on release or even for some time...
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    [BUG] tooltips broken on Legendary weapons when all mods installed

    I had this problem with my legendary Fenrir, I assumed it had to do with the description box being too large. As you say it flickers at first as if trying to fit to the vertical height of the screen then stops displaying entirely. Whats weird is that eventually, without making any changes to the...
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    Endgame dont SAVE

    That confused me too, there was nothing I could see in my inventory except items I collected in the final stages, i.e. legendary weapons or clothes that I got from the specific path I chose, nothing at the ripper doc either.
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    Not getting Quickhacks from Access Points

    I couldn't tell you sorry, I wasn't wasn't paying much attention to which quickhacks I had and the ones I had were so crap and I couldn't purchase any that I just went with a rifle. Quickhacks become massively overpowered in the endgame especially with legendary ping. I was probably somewhere...
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    Immortality Bug? And I dont mean V and the chip.

    Yea got caught by this once or twice too. Safe for thee but not for me. I knew crossing the voodoo boys would make them enemies but seems like they don't even care for capitalism there!
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    Opinions on the music?

    Music taste is absolutely subjective, so I can't complain too much but very few of the tracks I heard the radio I enjoyed. The actual score is fantastic, but I found a lot of the radio channels annoying, irritating or lazy. I mostly listened to PEBKAC, partially because there were no lyrics and...
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    Didn't hear iconic track 'Spoiler' by Hyper, disappointing

    There are plenty of tracks by Przybylowicz, Adamczyk and Leonard-Morgan that emulate, and actually exceed the vibe of the track by Hyper, but the whole time I was playing I was waiting to hear this iconic track. When I didn't hear it on the radio stations I though would be likely candidates I...
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    Not getting Quickhacks from Access Points

    I'm reiterating but for context I'm on 1.04. It wasn't a problem for me, I had one of each level of ping for most of my play through, and got the quest ping early on because of my build, when I got extras I sold them. I was still getting plenty of quickhacks from access points, though they...
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    Not getting Quickhacks from Access Points

    I thought the save editor wasn't able to re-create legit saves after editing yet
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    Immortality Bug? And I dont mean V and the chip.

    Huh, I didn't even know that was a round you could get, I avoided the wrist rockets because I never came across a non-lethal type. Just a heads up though I don't think CDPR monitor these threads, at least not officially, you're better off finding a support link and sending them a message and...
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    Vehicle Stash (Motorcycles)

    I can stash items in the Kusanagi/Akira bike but they disappear.
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    Too much glare

    Have you tried turning off lens flare in the graphics settings? It's really overdone, same with bloom, but you can't change that without external tools.
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    Can't loot drones, mechs, and robots!

    150+ hours later I've not had any problems looting from mechs/bots that had anything above a common component on them, unless they died in a weird position on some terrain, in those cases saving and reloading did help pop their corpses out and I was able to loot. I'm still on 1.04 though.
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