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  1. dextrv

    Important announcement regarding Cyberpunk 2077 release date

    I've just booked my vacation. Yesterday. Guess I'll just cancel my preorders (PC and PS4 both), and take a trip with my girlfriend to forget this game even exists. [...]
  2. dextrv

    Night City Wire - Media, News & Previews - links and discussion

    Not sure if this is "NEW news", nor if this is the right thread to post it BUT Apparently the player will be able to store stuff in the car and this storage will be somehow connected to the one in V's apartment. Cool gameplay mechanic, imo. Not everything needs to be fully immersive.
  3. dextrv

    Thoughts on influencers/youtubers being NPCs in the game

    Just to be clear, I'm from Brazil and not once I've heard about "Ozob" until now. Have a few friends who, like myself, are keeping up with Cyberpunk news -- people you could call "Cyberpunk fans" and "fellow gamers" -- and none of them are very found of these "Jovem Nerd" guys (who designed this...
  4. dextrv

    Night City Wire: Episode 5 - What do we want/need to see?

    It would be nice to have an extended look at the character creator. We haven't seen much of the skills yet; a brief summary, with examples of how they affect gameplay, would be much appreciated. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I recall someone, at some point, saying there was going to be a dinamic...
  5. dextrv

    top 10 favorite games

    Tough one for sure. If I have to choose only 10 titles (or franchises), right now it would be: - Devil May Cry 3 SE - God of War 1-2 - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Final Fantasy VII, XV and Dirge of Cerberus - The Punisher - Assassins Creed 2 - GTA: San Andreas - Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater...
  6. dextrv

    Are you disappointed?

    Yeah, there's a few things I think CDPR could have implemented -- a third person perspective (touchy subject, apologies for bringing this on, @Sardukhar) -- and a few others that I think that shouldn't have been cut off in the first place -- the subway system, the wall running thing and the car...
  7. dextrv

    Important update about Cyberpunk 2077 release date

    What's really bothering me is some random gaming journos getting to play it right now while the dedicated player base (who takes time to care about this game everyday) have to stick with that postponed NC Wire event who probably won't even show much. Hell, I hate to sound this bitter but all...
  8. dextrv

    Important update about Cyberpunk 2077 release date

    While I can see why CDPR delayed it again (Xmas, PS5 release, etc, -- yeah, from a business perspective it's understandable) I don't fully support it. I mean, couldn't you people just wait until the game is near finished to announce a solid release date? It sounds disrespectful to be honest...
  9. dextrv

    Weekly Poll 06/08/20 - Faction Choice II The Guesses!

    Don't like the idea of a long therm relationship with a faction -- I prefer the lone wolf approach --, maybe do a few jobs and that's it. What I do like is having the option to disseminate chaos among the gangs and corpos so I can watch them fighting each other until they're all weak and...
  10. dextrv

    The General Videogame Thread

    Have u guys seen the trailer for "The Ascent" on Inside Xbox? IGN uploaded a 12min gameplay video today. Imo cyberpunk aesthetic is fine and the gameplay is looking a bit like Ruiner. I'm kinda digging it. I thought about mr. @kofeiiniturpa because I recall him talking about his preference...
  11. dextrv

    YOUR loadout in Cyberpunk 2077! (or a Cyberpunk themed game in general)

    Nice thread, @Sild. I couldn't find a gun concept cooler than a gun that actually exists so... I'd probably go with the Maxim 9 and some Mantis Blade by Arasaka (because holy jesus, that looks cool as hell and also very useful for close and personal combat). Because I'm going stealth I need...
  12. dextrv

    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

    Hey guys, Big fan of Diablo series here, Been playing Diablo 3 casually (it can get repetitive after a while) since 2015 and Wolcen feels like a great and fresh adition to the genre. Loved the fluid class system and the visuals are really something. Couldn't get into the story though. With...
  13. dextrv

    Gameplay Stream Announcement

    For those who couldn't watch it, it's already on YouTube.
  14. dextrv

    FPP/TPP Perspective Thread OPEN. Be NICE.

    That's pretty much every reasonable person's argument in this forum back in June 2018 when we first heard about the FPP only. I think now it's a little too late for CDPR to add a TPP toggle option but... it's always worth trying.
  15. dextrv

    What will the system requirements be? Lets discuss!

    Mind if I ask why you went with 32gb instead of 16gb?
  16. dextrv

    UNTIL APRIL 2020

    Don't know about u guys, but I'm replaying Fallout NV and Fallout 4 with a shit ton of mods! And as someone who have never played these gamed with mods before I gotta say it really improves my game experience. I'm having a lot of fun and that's been making the wait for CP2077 a lot easier.
  17. dextrv

    Fast Passes for Cyberpunk 2077 presentations at Gamescom

    That's awesome @Vattier! This is a nice gesture coming from you guys at CDPR. Even though I can't attend event, I appreciate this kind of gesture. Congratz to the PR team. I wish you guys a fantastic Gamescom!
  18. dextrv

    Hardware Thread - General.

    I already had it, so...
  19. dextrv

    Hardware Thread - General.

    Hey fellas, Just wanted to let you know that I finally got my new rig kinda following the advices you guys gave me. There was a huge sale and luckily I was able to get the i7 9700k (for the price of a i7 8700) and a Zotac 2080 Ti for a good price. So here's my new specs: Aorus Z390 Elite I7...
  20. dextrv

    Chippin' In by SAMURAI (Refused)

    Lyrics: can you feel it can you touch it get ready cause here we go my soul inserted with vital force wonʼt spare what Iʼm hunting for itʼs the animal in my blood wouldnʼt stop it even if I could seed is sown - Iʼm chippin in roll the bones - Iʼm chippin in embed that code - Iʼm chippin in...
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