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  1. BigWezz69

    Cops need to be fixed!!!

    The cop system has always been broken and is by far one of the weakest elements to the game. Due to how little effort went into the system, CDPR may as well have just removed it all together. Or better yet, V could have been some sort of undercover cop from the get go, thus no cops go after...
  2. BigWezz69

    Ugly NPC's

    It's sloppy game design, a symptom of a rushed/mishandled development cycle (y)
  3. BigWezz69

    Orion - continue V story or begin new one?

    I'm not really fussed providing that CDPR don't rush the game out the door, it's not chocked full of bugs like CP77 and that CDPR are more clear about what's actually in the game vs what's not. Other than that, I'd be fine for any of those options.
  4. BigWezz69

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Perhaps CDPR should have not allowed V to be cured in PL since that is what people wanted, and then went on to write a ridiculous ending for that. :LOL::ROFLMAO:
  5. BigWezz69

    How to make driving easier?

    The driving system is by far one of the weakest elements of the game, likely due to its terrible physics engine. Mod's can help remedy the issue on PC, though I'm not sure if you can get mods on the PS5.
  6. BigWezz69

    Let V not drink or smoke.

    It not great that it's effecting you this much and I'm sorry to see that as you seem to really enjoy the game. But I doubt CDPR will sort that out. I guess you could always look away or close your eyes? :shrug:
  7. BigWezz69

    What is the main point of the metro system?

    It's just another symptom of a poorly managed and rushed development cycle.
  8. BigWezz69

    What is the main point of the metro system?

    Basically it was cut content that was added back in. Or at best, content that was't finished before launch. Seeing how the launched ended up, it took them a while to get around to addig in minor content.
  9. BigWezz69

    Night City Alive

    Great work man! NC always did feel empty and dead, good to see some life pumped back into it!
  10. BigWezz69

    The General Videogame Thread

    Well done Larian Studios with Baldurs Gate 3 sweeping away the competition, that's how it's done!
  11. BigWezz69

    REDstreams summary and recap

    Loot boxes [...] should be removed/banned. Fortunately, some countries do ban them as they class them as gambling and more counties should follow their lead on that. EA once laughingly tried to call loot boxes "surprise mechanics" [...]! :ROFLMAO:
  12. BigWezz69

    REDstreams summary and recap

    Real gambling does when players would use real money. In game simulated gambling with no real money involved certainly does not violate that law. If it did, RDR2 and others like it would be banned in the European Union.
  13. BigWezz69

    The General Videogame Thread

    Looking at Rockstar's formula of how they release information and trailers, it would likely be in engine footage. They did this with GTA IV, V and probably VI too. Let's not undermine CDPR just because they are dwarfed by Rockstar/TakeTwo, they still had plenty of money to make CP77.. Also...
  14. BigWezz69

    New Metro Narrative.

    The NCART/metro was just cut content that should have been in the game from launch, that's all. If CDPR didn't bork the game's development, they might have done more with it. :shrug:
  15. BigWezz69

    The General Videogame Thread

    I guess you could be right, CDPR sure as heck showed us one thing with a trailer/vertical slice, and delived something lesser .. :LOL: However, looking at the GTA V initial trailer, it was pretty much exactly how the game was at launch. I dont see a reason to doubt the GTA VI trailer...
  16. BigWezz69

    The General Videogame Thread

    Finally, a city that looks alive! :sneaky: This'll likely burry any other open world game when it launches.
  17. BigWezz69

    Really big Thumbs Up for CDPR with 2.1... however...

    It's what should have been in the game at lauch..
  18. BigWezz69

    Tune in to REDstreams to learn more about Update 2.1

    It's about 3 years late, but yeah..
  19. BigWezz69

    REDstreams summary and recap

    Ah wow, things that should have been in the game from lauch nearly 3 years ago. 10/10... :sneaky:
  20. BigWezz69

    Why on earth Cyberpunk doesn't have a NEW GAME +

    The simple answer is; weak game development and CDPR's desire to move away from the RedEngine and CP77.
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