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  1. Jollyrogerxberg

    Now reading [books]

    Some diskwolrd novels (again). Finally able to enjoy them in the english original. But i have to say for any german reader out there, the translations are really good and catch the humour. good thing is, there are about 30 of them. If you finish the last one you can easely start over with the...
  2. Jollyrogerxberg

    Share Your Weird/Unusual Matches

    Such a good boy he is. Espacially if you pass in R1 or R2, oponent tempos ahead for 1 or 2 points and he jumps right out and forces your oponent to play another card. hrhrhr. But don't forget to feed him properly or he'll become lazy. Lately I was playing some NG-TD and we had a rather short R1...
  3. Jollyrogerxberg

    Flurza Podcast AMA

    Nothing new on projekt Golden Nekker. Yes, it will be single player, yes, it will be stand alone. No, it won't be Thronebreaker 2, it won't be another witcher tale. Yes, it will be linked to Gwent and (should) encourage you to try out the other.
  4. Jollyrogerxberg

    Tactical Decision + Snowdrop Combo is too much points?

    What do you do if you meet one of the actual real strong topnotch metadecks? The combo is really strong, one of the strongest for sure. But not alone there. If you have the full 4 card combo in hand + leader its 32 ponts all conditions met Eist + BoG: up to 39 all conditions met Dead Eye...
  5. Jollyrogerxberg

    Gwent Card of The Moment

    CARD OF THE MOMENT: Yennefer: Conjurer Another example of Powercreep. This Card is outdated but was quite strong in early hc. I found this deck wich is probably not the "real (old) meta/meme" but close. Remember Caranthir could target Neutrals...
  6. Jollyrogerxberg

    Gwent Card of The Moment

    A great addition for NG. Even if you don't play this in your deck, just the existence (and playability) of this card helps if endreaga larva ever becomes a problem again. Or whisperer, elfswarm, fireswarm, any swarm....
  7. Jollyrogerxberg

    Patch Notes 9.6

    It forces you to commit to use bleeding the whole game, it is a top end prov card, it does not work like KoB wich you can just throw in your deck along ONE other card and have a 30+ points finisher. I thougt so at first, too but Regis is actually priced accordingly.
  8. Jollyrogerxberg

    how to mill the duplicate gold cards in starter set

    You just can't mill starter cards unless you exceed the maximum of 2 gold or 4 bronce (since you can have copies of premium + non prem). Only then it will get automilled.
  9. Jollyrogerxberg

    Gwent Leader Abilities -- An In-depth Look

    Snowdrop fixes this in a way if you sequence it right than it is not a weakness but a liability, because of This is a perfectly fine pointslam and more a deckfix/thinning than handfix if used in earlier rounds and often leads to card advantage or at least round control. Therefor TD is perfect...
  10. Jollyrogerxberg

    Gwent Card of The Moment

    Is this actually possible? I haven't tested it and am not very familiar with ratboy. I think the "spawn" mechanic of fruits as well as the spawned rats will make it very unlikely to place a fruit at the right spot on consecutive turns.
  11. Jollyrogerxberg

    Suggestion: Consuming an enemy unit puts it into your graveyard

    No it is in the garbage on my backyard. And every week or so puplic waste department comes and colects it:smart: Probably because I don't eat (whole) chicken but chicken meat. Do you eat feathers, bones and the beak? Or do you just buy a prtion of chicken and have everything sorted beforehand...
  12. Jollyrogerxberg

    Tweak to Statuses (Defender, Poison)

    ...and now we are at the same root problem again... Just a small reminder: Defenders came with the "iron judgement" addon same as scenarious. Same expansion brought the reason why HW went into the meta (actually only after the rework of every artifact removal card). Here we can see pretty much...
  13. Jollyrogerxberg

    Netflix's The Witcher - Season 2

    What you mean? both the same? Should they? Or the same guy(s that played them in season 1) Cahir is the same actor but Emhyr is not the same as the Urchin (but he should be, right? bit confused I like the show but i haven't read any witcher book and i guess i should wait so i could enjoy the...
  14. Jollyrogerxberg

    Tweak to Statuses (Defender, Poison)

    Just a small hint from experience: insisting that you know better what a person said than the person who actually said it is not a form of productive comunication. If you aren't intrested in other opinions why bother to read and answer? Draconifors statement was not very inviting, but "putting...
  15. Jollyrogerxberg

    Eldain and traps = Needs a nerf (now more for Madoc + Milva)

    Make it 4dmg 5prov and lose the CD. This could work. Still highly opressive but not op I see your intention now. It is not promoting op ideas but to promote changes with actual ideas instead of only complaining:howdy:
  16. Jollyrogerxberg

    Eldain and traps = Needs a nerf (now more for Madoc + Milva)

    Sabertooth is a Unit that transforms temporary into an artifact. Ok the Ale is bad. Any idea why? it is a highprov gold and not a low prov bronce with the same value. And I would add damage is always better. "Master Crafted Spear" better? nerfed to oblivion because of a similiar efect. Sihil...
  17. Jollyrogerxberg

    Eldain and traps = Needs a nerf (now more for Madoc + Milva)

    @Sensimilius, please visit the deckbuilder and search for "Ale of Ancestors". Compare efect and provision to your idea. Btw an Artifact should not have the same tag as Special Cards
  18. Jollyrogerxberg

    The reason why NG is so popular

    Simple and wrong. NG is so easy to play atm because of blightmaker and DMT. These cheap tools allow for thinning (making your own deck better) and a lot of points on slam, while their provision cost is below average. I had good results with a Slave infantery deck last season and not because...
  19. Jollyrogerxberg

    How is Saskia Commander a good card?

    I don't know if Saskia C is a good card but if you want to play full controll she is your auto-proactivity. Is Portal a good card? Would Portal be a good card if it would reset his counter every use? Would it be good as a 4 immune unit instead of an Artifact? Is Raffards Vengeance a good card...
  20. Jollyrogerxberg

    Eldain and traps = Needs a nerf (now more for Madoc + Milva)

    Laughed out load. Literally!:beer:
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