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  1. Khreygond

    Challenger #5 coming in September!

    Hey rrc. I was looking at numbers for the last open tournament though and 7,5k views is indeed very little. Remember the time when open tournaments had 10k viewers at any point and even 30k during peak times? That was after midwinter too. Sad times :p
  2. Khreygond

    Why Gwent is not popular?

    See, Yu-Gi-Oh however just accepted a lot of things that CDPR did not. It accepted powercreeping the old cards and over time, making them useless by comparison. To those devs, that was ok. It accepted promoting so much synergy that anything that does not fit in the deck should make room for...
  3. Khreygond

    Gwent in an alternative universe

    It never is a one-issue problem. The hand limit does both of those things to limit you. Moreover, there were cases where despite the importance of card advantage, you could still go 2 cards down in the old Gwent (sometimes you had to), Notably, against the old Reveal deck, the golden rule was to...
  4. Khreygond

    Gwent in an alternative universe

    Truer words have never been spoken before :p I get you draw and mulligan more cards between rounds, but now, due to the hand limit and the fact that your primary thinning comes in between the rounds and not from thinners, consistency and above all, engine decks suffer. You simply don't have...
  5. Khreygond

    GWENT: Novigrad | Card Reveals Megathread

    Where's Lance Corporal Vatslav? :P
  6. Khreygond

    Gwent in an alternative universe

    Probably not, but while my favourite period of Gwent was pre Midwinter open beta (I left in the middle of the closed beta, right when the positioning update hit, so I can't really talk about the state of the game during the end of the closed beta), I'd take even post midwinter gwent over this...
  7. Khreygond

    Your useless talent

    Ι discovered I can see whether a wasp is dangerously close to me by looking at my shadow. Works with anything stingy actually. Not terribly useless, but has only proved useful, like, once, in my lifetime :p Useless talents also include an extraordinary memory for things that are no one's concern
  8. Khreygond

    Art of Your V

    Everything, male and female :P Both defaults look cool, but so does everything else posted here xD So, by my count, 12 playthroughs will suffice
  9. Khreygond

    Gwent in an alternative universe

    No but I loved your ideas, having given them a look :) Maybe, if Ragh Nar Roogh and Korathi Heatwave are still a thing, they could get something extra as well instead of just being the same thing. All weather should go back to affecting both sides though. And it'd be up to you to focus on the...
  10. Khreygond

    Nilfgaard - Relentlessly Boring

    When I posted that, the new Assimilate deck hadn't surfaced yet. Naturally, I gave it a go immediately, but believe me, it is still Tier 3. Even in teamaretuza's meta snapshot. Main reasons? lack of reliable finisher and very vulnerable to bleeding. It's the HC equivalent of the old Reveal :P
  11. Khreygond

    Nilfgaard - Relentlessly Boring

    Nilfgaard will be interesting again once Assimilate becomes playable. IMO this involves making all its engines 3 power instead, and increasing the boost they gain from 1 to 2. Additionally, the faction as a whole needs more options to replicate/steal an enemy's gold cards, as you can't...
  12. Khreygond

    And GWENT is uninstalled... sadly

    I tried a bit of Tactics which is almost decent with Ardal and at least has a few engines, but then again, it's ALMOST decent. I can't find an interesting engine deck (Svalblod and Henselt are engines, but like GS in the beta, they aren't really interesting) worth playing. I'd be well...
  13. Khreygond

    Cadaverine is an Overpowered Card

    I've used it. It's really hard to balance enemy units and the timing needs to be exactly right because it gains a charge every turn. So if you miss your window in turn 5, for whatever reason, be it playing an extra tactic card, or waiting a bit, that's it, then chances are you won't kill...
  14. Khreygond

    [Spoilers!] Easter Eggs in Thronebreaker

    Speaking of the Devil (lol :P get it?), there is this awesome reference to Gaunter in Rivia. Read the notes and letters you find and you'll see. Or just read on
  15. Khreygond

    Leader Spotlight: Ardal aep Dahy

    Assassination, Royal Decree and Marching orders are all a must if you go for tactics IMO. Commander's horn is a consideration, but it depends on whether you can spare the provisions. I've found I can get a decent result point-wise with Imperial Diplomacy as well most of the time, but maybe that...
  16. Khreygond

    The real true problem behind Homecoming

    Except this particular problem was there forever, way before HC, it's just been amplified since. That's why damage shouldn't be this prevalent and Locks needed to come back. In fact I've been thinking that control needs a complete change, from the bottom up, instead of the binary clear...
  17. Khreygond

    GWENT Roadmap overview

    I think what @_Kili_ pointed out is mostly true for NG And SK discard somewhat, where most cards of that faction are "Bloodlust: Damage X by X" or having to do with damage in general. NR have got at least 2 (Machines and Cursed, though the latter admittedly needs some more support), Deathwish is...
  18. Khreygond

    Cahir avatar

    That poll :p
  19. Khreygond

    Equip - An Artifact Nerf Suggestion

    It is because you are destroying your own units to trigger it. Say you play your deathwish unit next to it. You then destroy it. What happens? does the timer go down? Does it not? That's why Equip cannot work in that case, not without making that card even worse at least. In my opinion it...
  20. Khreygond

    Equip - An Artifact Nerf Suggestion

    While a good suggestion, there has to be one exception: The Frightener artifact. The way it works, it simply makes no sense to have units next to it. Not to mention that it's hardly played at the moment anyway, despite having a really cool concept. Additionally, Mastercrafted Spears need a...
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