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  1. walward99

    Allgod's Winter Event

    All good points. I was on vacation the whole first week so I was already behind, but I finally completed the 4th one. I clicked to complete it and select the next one, and it said "NEXT PICK AVAILABLE IN 3 DAYS". Say what??? Having to complete a daily quest already limits how quickly you can...
  2. walward99

    About the number of contracts

    What's the name of one of the contracts? I'm curious if I missed them too.
  3. walward99

    Shupe's Adventures

    Agreed. Love this event and the fact that you can use all of your stones throughout the entire event!
  4. walward99

    Tibor 10.9

    I've run into this horrible deck a few times since yesterday, and it's game over in round 2. Everybody's correct that multiple Tibors is the root problem, and I'd love to see Imperial Practictioner changed to prevent these toxic scenarios. I'm sure that won't happen, but something needs to...
  5. walward99

    NR and leader ability restrictions

    I agree with the OP. I think those would be good changes due to the crazy neutrals as mentioned.
  6. walward99

    Tibor 10.9

    I don't want to hijack this thread, but I have a question about Tibor 10.9. Tibor says: At the end of your turn, Infuse a random enemy unit with "Whenever this unit receives a status, damage it by 1" I've run into the deck that creates 4 or more Tibors, and every card I play gets destroyed. I...
  7. walward99

    Can't equip a leader I already own on new decks.

    Yes, it's fixed now.
  8. walward99

    Can't equip a leader I already own on new decks.

    I'm having the same problem today.
  9. walward99

    Let's talk about Rogue Mage contracts in Gwent

    I think it's a good suggestion. Thronebreaker had a ton of contracts and cost the same as the normal version of RM.
  10. walward99

    Share Your Weird/Unusual Matches

    Can anyone explain how you get two Dire Bears? I didn't see it get copied in any way. This was in the Trial of the Grasses seasonal mode. Edit: Never mind. I realized it was Dudu.
  11. walward99

    The two main problems of gwent

    I agree. Removing Idarran would solve the issue with Plus One, but it's awful as it is.
  12. walward99

    20th Anniversary Event

    Love these events!
  13. walward99

    Geralt's Journey: Contracts Reset

    This is strange. I went to 100 in Geralt's journey last month and then started working on Ciri. My "Path of the Lone Wolf" contract is complete, which is to reach level 100 in Geralt's journey. However, my Abandoned Child is at zero, and I don't even have First Trial in my contracts.
  14. walward99

    Change the way Leader abilities are selected on mobile

    Yes, I've wanted that change for a long time.
  15. walward99

    May Season has started

    Agreed. There's typically one card that makes the seasonal not fun. Idarran should be banned for Plus One.
  16. walward99

    Double crowns for journey doesnt work? New journey format questins in general

    That's a great question about how to level both journeys. I bought Geralt's and completed the first one for winning 1 game before I bought Ciri's. Now I can't complete all of her quests?
  17. walward99

    Border/Avatar name

    Is it possible to see the name of a border or avatar? Frequently, I get a new trinket and can't find it. I noticed I have contracts for playing with Mutagen Animated Avatars and Borders, but I don't know which ones they are. I probably don't have them, but it's fun to complete contracts.
  18. walward99

    Join Dandelion on his new Journey!

    I just received a reward point for "Errand Boy (Win 3 matches with Syndicate during the active challenge)." This challenge wasn't in my list. Is it from the Love Event? Or maybe it's from Danelion's Journey? The Love Event is very confusing. Edit: Now I got it. You have to select a character...
  19. walward99

    Join Dandelion on his new Journey!

    I don't see the daily quests. I've tried clicking on each character using the "Help Next Side" button, but I don't see any quest popup in my quest list. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  20. walward99

    Row Effect Clear Needs To Return

    I've also been wanting a card to clear weather effects. The original Gwent game in Witcher 3 has a Clear Weather card, and it sounds like this Gwent's Clear Skies card used to have the same effect. I think bringing it back makes a lot of sense.
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