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  1. boristhedork

    I hope that the next update will finally be available

    I hope they add an FoV slider to console and a toggle for the Vignette.
  2. boristhedork

    Sorry to say but JS was just too aggravating

    i disagree with this take, i really like johnnys input
  3. boristhedork

    Ridicilous attribute requirement scaling (body 17 at level 30) forces missions to be soft-locked

    i truly thought i had to come back to this mission before realizing there was a little window/grate up on the wall, i was like “damn gotta go re-equip the gorilla arms again”
  4. boristhedork

    remove Cyberware capacity RNG

    feel you on this.
  5. boristhedork


    yayyy new year!!
  6. boristhedork

    Cyberpunk 2077 User Reviews & Impressions

    One of my favorite games in a long time.
  7. boristhedork

    depression because Jackie [possible spoilers]

    i wish Jackie had more screen time
  8. boristhedork

    My list of suggestions and wishes

    my one and only need; fov slider on console. whether or not it affects performance, should be up to the player if it’s worth it or not. please.
  9. boristhedork

    Exploring Cyberpunk 2077

    i’ll tell you something that’s bugged me during my whole exploration of phantom liberty; barbed wire. knocks me on my ass if i so much as tap it, very annoying
  10. boristhedork

    Oh, cops!

    know what we need? even more maxtac
  11. boristhedork

    How to make driving easier?

    i think it’s just something you have to get used to, like driving a bad handling vehicle in gta
  12. boristhedork

    Baldur's Gate III

    definitely deserved game of the year
  13. boristhedork

    Path Tracing not reflecting light properly/showing pure black

    yep, happens here too
  14. boristhedork

    I Fought the Law is the most annoying quest in this game.

    i fought the law and the.. law won
  15. boristhedork

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

  16. boristhedork

    Infinite Money Bug

  17. boristhedork

    Where are netwatch?

    in secretive places
  18. boristhedork

    Patch 2.1 ... Heaven or hell?

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