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  1. TheNeonArcade

    Do you actually like CP77 being shorter then Witcher3 ?

    No. Even though I thought the W3 dragged the last 5 or so hours, I would much rather prefer a long, detailed story where it feels like an epic adventure than something more linear. The story was good, but it was much too short. There is like thousands of pages of source too to go off of. I...
  2. TheNeonArcade

    Cyberpunk 2077 – PlayStation Gameplay

    I see a lot of complaints on how it looks, but I'm not really seeing it. I'd like to see how it runs on the base consoles of course, but I think it looks really good on last gen so far.
  3. TheNeonArcade

    What is your most epic sound track from a game?

    First Gears OST was god-tier
  4. TheNeonArcade

    [Poll] What kind of "role" do you want to play/lean into? (thread for fun)

    Quick/Damage or Support/Tech/Intelligence Quick and nimble is the way to go for me since I love SMGs : )
  5. TheNeonArcade

    Night City Wire - Media, News & Previews - links and discussion

    :ok: Media related you say?
  6. TheNeonArcade

    Save the date: Night City Wire - Episode 3!

    This is going to be the best episode so far I can feel it
  7. TheNeonArcade

    Two new Neon Arcade videos Cyberpunk NEWS 1st September 2020

    It's still coming. I'm waiting for more NCW footage : )
  8. TheNeonArcade

    Watch Cyberpunk 2077 on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series

    First shot in Watson and the Afterlife screen are both top tier eye candy
  9. TheNeonArcade

    Cyberpunk 2077 — Night City Wire: Episode 2

    So much to see and go through in both the trailers. Loved every minute of episode 2. I really hope Cyberspace is an element in Episode 3
  10. TheNeonArcade

    Cyberpunk 2077 Lorebook Thread

    Can't wait for it
  11. TheNeonArcade

    Night City Wire Episode 2 Should be Focused on Character Creator

    Possible, although I have my money on The Net
  12. TheNeonArcade

    District feature: Heywood

    Incredible concept art, kudos to the artists. I do wonder how long these take each?
  13. TheNeonArcade

    Cyberpunk 2077 Forum Short Story Competition - Discussion

    very very cool. GL everyone : )
  14. TheNeonArcade

    District feature: Westbrook

    Seems like all the devs are crazy about Westbrook, hoping we see a taste in a future NCW
  15. TheNeonArcade

    Night City Wire 25/06/20

    A skull + a tire on fire
  16. TheNeonArcade

    [poll] cp2077 cyberninja mechanics, multiplayer

    Sorry just a shield mod, I don't think they said magnetic. Bouncing bullets off walls isn't overly realistic either, but it's a feature.
  17. TheNeonArcade

    Important update about Cyberpunk 2077 release date

    Everyone is going to be monk-tier patient after this haha
  18. TheNeonArcade

    [poll] cp2077 cyberninja mechanics, multiplayer

    I think the way it was expressed in the earlier demo was a magnetic shield mod. Makes more sense than straight up reflecting it
  19. TheNeonArcade

    [poll] cp2077 cyberninja mechanics, multiplayer

    You saying it fits in non-fiction? If anything it fits in a fictional setting
  20. TheNeonArcade

    [poll] cp2077 cyberninja mechanics, multiplayer

    I'm a big Overwatch guy so naturally I think Genji has the cleanest feeling "cyberninja" mechanics. Being able to deflect for a certain period of time and have to aim the bullets would be a nice mod for swords / katanas (which was already shown in a demo). Dash resets are also pretty fun. I...
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