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  1. mida2015

    Patch 4.02 — list of changes

    Same to me since the release of 4.02. In the moment are two possibility's: Turn of Frame Generation or rollback to patch 4.01 (If you use GOG). I play in WQHD with RTX4090/12900K/32GB Ram and turned of DX12/Frame Generation and also RT (RT without DX12 means 50-60FPS in Novigrad).
  2. mida2015

    Patch 4.02 — list of changes

    OMG, for 50 hours playing no freeze and crash, after installing Patch 4.02, two Freeze/Crash in 10 min.
  3. mida2015

    Update your drivers!

    My Specs: i912900K 32GB DDR4 RAM RTX 4090 Samsung 980 Pro NVMe Thanks for nothing. I use the latest GPU and Chipset Driver anyway, also Windows 11 is up to date (21H2). Unfortunately Witcher 3 (Next-Gen Update) freeze and chrash a little bit too often. The DX12 implementation is completely...
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