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  1. Phil5000

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    A couple of my V's favorite things. Roaming the Badlands and broody self reflection.
  2. Phil5000

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    I come back to the spot Judy told me she was leaving to reflect on my biggest mistake of the game. 1704685236
  3. Phil5000

    How to make driving easier?

    Have you tried a bike? I suck at driving but I fare better on a bike.
  4. Phil5000

    Is there a happy ending?

    This makes me feel better. It's like V completes a character arc. At first all she cares about is notoriety and leaving a mark. But by the end she realizes that what is important are friends and living a worthwhile life. I found a guide to get this ending I think, so I'll do this one. But this...
  5. Phil5000

    How do you make frustrating Arasaka random ambushes stop?

    Yeah I know why they're coming after me, and I did manage to wipe out a couple of squads but that hasn't stopped them. It may have made them less frequently though, as it doesn't seem to happen that much. 1704144451 I got a couple of attacks from gangs after certain missions but they stopped...
  6. Phil5000

    Is there a happy ending?

    I came here to post a question about how emotional the endings are but I think I've found my answer. I've been having a hard time in general in the past couple of weeks and have been feeling emotionally vulnerable. I was surprised how much I miss Judy after she left. Like I genuinely miss her...
  7. Phil5000

    depression because Jackie [possible spoilers]

    I didn't like Jackie much but I understand how you feel. The emotions these characters can bring out in us are very real, though we just tell ourselves it's just a game. I myself miss Judy since she left. I mean I genuinely miss her, as if I've lost a person in my life. This time of year is...
  8. Phil5000

    Let V not drink or smoke.

    All my characters in RPGs are alcoholics like me but I can see how people might not like it.
  9. Phil5000

    What is the main point of the metro system?

    I don't like to use fast travel, it doesn't make any sense. But I'm happy to use it if there's some in game mechanism so it makes sense. Like the carriage system in Skyrim. So now we have that in CP. I think its great.
  10. Phil5000

    How do you make frustrating Arasaka random ambushes stop?

    Hi everyone. Merry Christmas. Someone please tell me there's a way to make the random Arasaka ambushes stop. I understand it from a story perspective but its got to the point I can't drive anywhere in the city anymore, not without getting killed three or four times until by luck I manage to get...
  11. Phil5000

    Do voices sound alright on your game?

    Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble with the game audio, specifically some voices. Most of the audio, like environmental, engines ect sound great but the voices sound kinda base heavy and right in your ear. This is the first game I've played on my Series X so I can't really compare it to...
  12. Phil5000

    Why do cops attack me when i shoot bounties?

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty early in the game, trying to get to grips with everything. Its a great game but i get confused a lot. I got a tutorial message saying I could use my scanner to see if npcs had bounties and the cops would pay me for neutralizing them. One, I don't seem to get paid, and two...
  13. Phil5000

    Confused. I already had a scanner.

    Clears that up. Thanks for that. On a side note I found that whole scene and the scanner itself incredibly cool.
  14. Phil5000

    Confused. I already had a scanner.

    Hi everyone. My first playthru and I'm near the start of the game, still getting to grips with it, and I'm confused. I don't think V starts with any implants but she has a scanner. I've been scanning stuff constantly. I didn't really understand that. I went to Vic the first time and he installs...
  15. Phil5000

    Trying to get Dolby Atmos to work. Series X.

    Hi everyone. I know this isn't exactly a game problem but maybe someone would be able to help me. I haven't got any help through official sources. I'd like to try out Dolby Atmos because I don't have a proper headset at the moment, just an old pair of stereo headphones. So I downloaded the app...
  16. Phil5000

    Should I upgrade my HDMI cable?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if people generally think its worth it to upgrade their HDMI cable to a 48 mega bit per whatsit super duper one. Or is the one that comes with the Series X all you need? I have a modern 4k tv. I have no plans to upgrade to an 8k one, so would I be getting an...
  17. Phil5000

    Are there derelict areas in CP? Sewers? An undercity?

    I can't wait. Thanks everyone. 1699129789 My first stop no doubt.
  18. Phil5000

    Are there derelict areas in CP? Sewers? An undercity?

    Hey everyone. I'm pretty keen to start my first playthru of CP. I was wondering if there are any derelict areas, or horror themed areas in the game. Dungeons, for want of a better word. Like maybe a mutant infested undercity, or disused sewers or something like that. Or is Night City just not...
  19. Phil5000

    Should refresh rate match frames per second?

    Thanks very much. That answers that.
  20. Phil5000

    Does V start with cyberware?

    That answers that. Thank you. I think I'll leave the scars off.
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