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  1. GeneralKharnage

    [Patch 1.1 Bug] Item randomisation broken (hotfixed in patch 1.11)

    Oof... now I wish I wouldn't have bought the game. I just got to level 50. I was waiting to collect all the Legendary outfits... this ruins the game for me.
  2. GeneralKharnage

    Skippy and Machine Gun Quest

    There is a way around this. I ran into the same issue. But I think it's a bug. It also only works during a specific side quest. I can't seem to get the spoiler tag to work... :(
  3. GeneralKharnage

    What's your favorite vehicle so far?

    Apollo Scorpion, or any of the bikes really
  4. GeneralKharnage

    Suspected Organized Crime Activity bug

    MiztorWool1 - I had an issue with the same one. Before I could hear an enemy somewhere but couldn't find them. I reloaded, went to it from the other side. I didn't use grenades because I've had those glitch enemies. I read your post and looked for floating enemies but couldn't find any. The...
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