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  1. dalenotchip

    What's this referring to? (1.6 patch notes)

    If you have found a random dead body with a conversation shard and slightly better to good loot (like a shard that levels a skill) you have found one.
  2. dalenotchip

    Wardrobe tutorial FAQ

    It would be a great feature that makes it even sadder that they chose to not let us see ourselves in game.
  3. dalenotchip

    V isn't a good guy...

    Haven't went all the way through Jefferson's quest yet, but as for Misty and Mama Wells One can't say they are completly good considering their tolerance of bad guys in their lives. But I would have to say Misty is a little sweet heart.
  4. dalenotchip

    Looking at the Endings... Spoilers

    I know this is totally just a matter of opinion, but to me that is also a sign of a not very good ending for a Video Game. "congratulations on getting to the ending, now pretend it didn't happen and go back and do more side quests."
  5. dalenotchip

    Cars and pedestrians are gone

    Curious if you figured it out. Make sure the crowd and traffic settings didn't get changed. I know they can be adjusted although I don't know to what extent.
  6. dalenotchip

    Looking at the Endings... Spoilers

    I would not bet on it either, but if they want me to spend more money they need to do more than add new stuff to the middle that has zero baring on the end. Especially if we have to play from the beginning again in order to play the expansion.
  7. dalenotchip

    The sense of exploration and sidequests

    Getting phonecalls about gigs/jobs a fixer wants their merc to do makes perfect sense, and with a computer in our head having marks on the map makes sense as well. Heck we have that now with Google maps Where they messed up is giving us police markers. Not knowing about an assault in...
  8. dalenotchip

    Mod support

    Above is true,. With that said, mod hosting sites will have specific hosting content rules. So if you plan on making your own and want it hosted make sure you follow their rules.
  9. dalenotchip

    Do You Think Cyberpunk 2077 (as of now) is an Immersive Sim game?

    Absolutely not a Sim. The game feels like those old choose your own adventure books. You are presented with a few locations that you can make decisions that mildly change the stories end. With leveling up missions along the way that aren't connected to the actual narrative. At this stage...
  10. dalenotchip

    V isn't a good guy...

    1 remember it's only the final damage that has to be non lethal. So if you can't sneak up. Get them to about 2/3 down. Use some quick hacks to stop their movement, take their gun, make them blind. Then go up and hit them over the head with a blunt weapon. As far as good guys vs bad guys...
  11. dalenotchip

    Future update suggestion: Mod Browser for Consoles

    As a PC player, I would love for you to have it. But in order for you to get them CDPR would have to do more than just support they would actually have to host them. That's an expense that they would want to monetize just like Bethesda did.
  12. dalenotchip

    Mod won't work

    Use something like Vortex, When a mod maker is ready and using the new tools it will be in their install instructions or a mod loader will automatically do it for you. Going to be a little bit before you see modders using the new tools. Right now they are just trying to deal with 1.6
  13. dalenotchip


    The "romances" feel so empty after you win their heart. They defiantly feel unfinished and forgotten.
  14. dalenotchip

    Frame drop since 1.6

    I had to lower my Graphix settings after the update. Before I got the lower frame rate sometime when going to the map. Now that they fixed it I get the lower frame rate returning to the game.
  15. dalenotchip

    Would You Rather See Multiplayer Or More DLC/Expansions?

    I don't get what the second someone mentions multiplayer they immediately think that a game is either solo or World of Warcraft level Multiplayer.
  16. dalenotchip

    Would You Rather See Multiplayer Or More DLC/Expansions?

    I don't necessarily want or need multiplayer. But if they added the ability for a second player to co-op in and run gigs and police calls, I would buy a second copy for my wife.
  17. dalenotchip

    Dear CDPR...

    Then let her have a break and let me sleep alone. if I go through a load screen just to get my shower and rest buff,. It's not very welcoming to the family to let me stare at my bed without letting me sleep. who would think that was a good idea and a great "as intended" feature.
  18. dalenotchip

    Dear CDPR...

    I waited till after 1.5 to start. I have limited time to play single player games as my wife normally plays with me (great problem to have) and with it's start issues I waited. About 65% completed gigs. 40% story. I am really enjoying the gameplay and world development. Being able to play...
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