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  1. karleya


    So my 5800x3D + RTX 4080 for 3440x1440 is now below Recommended requirements considering an AM5 is required for 1080P... OUCH :eek:
  2. karleya

    KOLD MIRAGE - Not triggering.

    I got mine to trigger by starting the quest "Killing in the Name" and then driving back there. After completing "Ghost Town" ofc.
  3. karleya

    I don't have the minimum requirements to play cyberpunk 2077

    1060 on avg net 35FPS per Tom's Hadware testing for Cyberpunk. if you want Med and nearly 60FPS, you'll need at min a 1660 Super according to their testing. Game is very taxing in it's current state. Even my RTX 3080 encounters bad FPS drops. Per Tom's 35 FPS on Med for a GTX 1060 @ 1080p. Ok...
  4. karleya

    Freedom of the Press help

    Same problem here, thought I did something wrong but apparently quest is still bugged. 2nd random Gig that' bugs out and fails. the other is the one where you put someone in your trunk. randomly just failed on me.
  5. karleya

    100% use of Intel Core CPU

    Just curious since higher resolutions usually alleviate CPU usage as more is dumped on GPU. but seems like everyone is getting crap performance and poor utilization lol
  6. karleya

    3080 and 5800x getting 30fps

    Auto. I had DLSS set to off at first. I think I read RockPaperShogun's guide to set it to Auto (could have been another site) and I gained quite a bit in FPS lol.
  7. karleya

    3080 and 5800x getting 30fps

    Why not pair two of the top tier gaming components available together? Here's what I'm getting in the city. Ultra+ RT Med 1440p. (5800X + RTX 3080 MSI Gaming X Trio)
  8. karleya

    100% use of Intel Core CPU

    what resolution you running at? at 1440P, maxed out CPU utilization is 40% avg.
  9. karleya

    Mantis Blades visual glitch

    Mine has horrible clipping when aiming down sights without scopes Switched to Gorilla Arms and I have 4 hands :sneaky:
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