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  1. CrownedInFireflies

    [SPOILERS] Mikoshi Choices

    All endings involving Mikoshi don't make sense if you really think about it. So, V and Johnny are separated, both are digitized engrams, and V can be reinserted into the body and die in 6 months, or they can let Johnny have it with a regular life span. Alt says the body has been changed so much...
  2. CrownedInFireflies

    Kill vs. Incapacitate: Consequences?

    There were missions where I deliberately avoided killing someone, and the game's dialogue treated it like I just killed them. The first was one involving a Mox cyberpsycho, and the second was Pisces where I [SPOILERS] knocked out Maiko after triggering a fight with her. I safely carried her back...
  3. CrownedInFireflies

    Mantis Blades not working with perks?

    Deathbolt, a perk that does not specifically mention mantis blades, works with mantis blades. I've tested it myself, and without any kind of heal-on-kill cyberware equipped. Flight of the Sparrow also works with mantis blades. Sting like a Bee does NOT work with mantis blades though. It does...
  4. CrownedInFireflies

    The problem with how Cyberpunk 2077 handles clothing

    RPGs are fundamentally about defining about character, and one of the ways you define character is your choice of appearance and fashion. Seemingly aware of this, when you first start Cyberpunk 2077 and enter the character creation menu, you're greeted with the text "IN NIGHT CITY, LOOKS ARE...
  5. CrownedInFireflies

    PS4 Stability

    I've come to accept that the crashes will likely never stop. I'm at peace with this hell.
  6. CrownedInFireflies

    Announcing an original anime series – CYBERPUNK: EDGERUNNERS!

    As someone who likes anime, it's still hard to get excited for this. The vast majority of anime ranges from trash to mediocrities anointed by Salieri himself.
  7. CrownedInFireflies

    Game around Knife(Dagger) is broken

    I wonder if the devs actually intended for us not to be able to retrieve thrown knives, or if it's just another symptom of the game being not finished
  8. CrownedInFireflies

    A virtual girlfriend - Is it even possible right now?

    TBH, that's kind of cringe It worked great for Blade Runner 2049 because the protagonist, K, was an artificial being denied humanity. As such, he could only find companionship with another artificial being, Joi, and by mirroring his own humanity, she was also very human (despite being...
  9. CrownedInFireflies

    favourite gun so far?

    Legendary Ashura
  10. CrownedInFireflies

    How are all of Silverhand's crew still alive and young in 2077?

    No offense, but I'm genuinely surprised this wasn't very obvious
  11. CrownedInFireflies

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Craft bug - Can't drop, sell or disassemble iconic items

    I'm willing to accept that the devs think Jhonny's stuff is so important that you shouldn't be able to get rid of it, but crafting higher quality versions should at least replace the old ones instead of them all just piling up in your inventory. Panam's sniper rifle is giving me the same...
  12. CrownedInFireflies

    The Story is Deeper Than Originally Thought - SPOILERS

    While these mysteries and loose ends give the sense that the world is bigger than V's story, I don't find that it makes V's story better. It does create space for more story in that universe though. Not the kind of depth that makes a story great for me.
  13. CrownedInFireflies

    Alternative skins for Panam,Judy and Rogue

    Alternative skins would be cool and all, but asking for it specifically just for these 3 characters makes me suspect you might just be too horny lol. I'd love to see alt skins for Takemura and Johnny too
  14. CrownedInFireflies

    Legendary clothing should be 4 slots by default.

    Every weapon or clothing item should have the maximum amount of slots for its rarity. I'm sick of seeing legendary clothing with 0 slots. Might as well be a common.
  15. CrownedInFireflies

    [BUG] [Base PS4] Can't Complete "Cyberpsycho Sighting: Six Feet Under"

    A long while ago, before patch 1.1, I defeated the cyberpsycho of this mission, but I did not loot his item drops or the shard. I wanted to come back later after increasing my level so that the loot would have better stats. When I eventually came back to finish it, the corpse and the shard...
  16. CrownedInFireflies

    (Base PS4) agent saboteur gig: "BREAKING NEWS" bugged, can't be completed

    The mission is to plant a tracking a device on an enemy vehicle. I did so without being detected as the bonus optional objective asked of me. I left the building, and I then had to go to a drop point to receive my reward, but there is no option to take the reward reward once I reached the marked...
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