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  1. Obsidian_Crane

    Is there a writing mistake during “THE HEIST” ?

    I understand the concern, but Del asks V and Jackie to confirm their identities and at that point their identities are their real ones. Only Konpeki has the false ones. (There is then a whole lot of meta plot ideas I think may apply, but that doesn't fit here.)
  2. Obsidian_Crane

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    Well PL has me blowing the dust of my account and cycling through making Vs in order to undertake a clean playthrough once it drops. Here's the most recent one just starting her journey:
  3. Obsidian_Crane

    REDmod for dummies?

    Once I put a mod in the new mod folder, a screen appears very briefly between clicking play on GoG and the game loading screens taking over. There is no other launcher apparent and the REDLauncher does not have the cog.
  4. Obsidian_Crane

    Silverhand fan-made trailer

    Man I wish that there was a Radio Station with "country" like that Johnny Cash cover of Hurt.
  5. Obsidian_Crane

    As I sat pondering Cyberpunk 2077

    My favourite one I've been directed to is some clickbait news site that claimed V would be able to install and use Mr Stud/Midnight Lady mods. It was linked (on this forum) as an example of a promise that CDPR hadn't fulfilled. Reading the article I followed a link in it to the original source...
  6. Obsidian_Crane

    As I sat pondering Cyberpunk 2077

    I basically never got into the hype, always taking any news with a grain or two of salt. My attitude every time a trailer or something popped up was "well if they deliver that it will be cool, but I don't expect that to happen". So when I got the game installed and started playing, the game...
  7. Obsidian_Crane

    What if I want to do continual play of CP 2077

    I have finished the story several times, but still haven't done the Arasaka endings or the "secret" one. I keep making new Vs to go and explore the world and story in new ways, with new strategies. I have Vs that work with Johnny, I have Vs that hate Johnny. All of these and how I choose to...
  8. Obsidian_Crane

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    Did you defeat him with lethal damage or non-lethal? Because when I have defeated him with lethal damage (no writhing on the ground - a definite corpse), he has stayed dead and there is dialogue where you can be glad you killed him when you later find out his crimes. Conversely if I have...
  9. Obsidian_Crane

    Would you buy it again?

    Would I pay for CP2077 V2.0 as outlined by the OP - yes. Do I need CP2077 to do anything more than it has done to be satisfied with my purchase - no. Am I looking forward to seeing what else they do with CP2077 - yes. You're asserting your way of playing as the "right" way of having "fun"...
  10. Obsidian_Crane

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    Try playing the game this way: Talk to Takemura. Do not seek out Judy or Panam, complete other side content until Takemura calls again. Repeat until you talk to the Proxy. Now look at what you need to do to progress.
  11. Obsidian_Crane

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    I think the issue is you are equating linear and trunk and I am not. :) Otherwise we agree. (Also I haven't played a Witcher game, so the comparisons don't work for me - last single player game I played was Neverwinter 2 when it was released...) For me the order of "talk to Rogue" or "talk to...
  12. Obsidian_Crane

    Ponpon shit?

    I love hearing PonPon Shit as I run around wasting gangers. It's not a style of music that I listen to typically, but there is the odd song in the genre that tickles my fancy. I would love to see a J-Music radio station added to the game; LiSA, Eir Aoi, Flow, Scandal all spring to mind as...
  13. Obsidian_Crane

    The problem with how Cyberpunk 2077 handles clothing

    It's like the designers intend you to have to choose mechanical optimisation or fashion optimisation or something. it's like they deliberately built in a choice over the question of "style or substance?" and layered in a whole lot of thought about this question into the design of the game. The...
  14. Obsidian_Crane

    So What Ya Expect from That PATCH 1.2 coming this month?

    They are not going to work on things like AI changes etc until they have stamped out the major bug fires. So expecting more than bug fixes and closing "exploits" seems like setting yourself up for disappointment.
  15. Obsidian_Crane

    radio music while walking/running around

    I thought about this, but there just isn't enough music to need it while not in a vehicle. That said I would love more songs - and some more DJ/News clips for each station.
  16. Obsidian_Crane

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    I think you are shifting the goal posts here. I was addressing your position of there being no central pillar to the story - there is very much a central story pillar. You can navigate (or assemble) that pillar in many ways, personalising the resulting experience considerably - but there are...
  17. Obsidian_Crane

    More lockdowns.. vertical lockdown missions?

    Probably because the game's time frame is approximately 1 month. Apparently it doesn't include any major (marketing events) holidays.
  18. Obsidian_Crane

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    Note: I really like the structure of the game. But you are incorrect about things locking you out of an endgame. There are 3 things that are required to reach the Point of No Return. There are a lot of branches even in the main story, and then there are side quests attached to it that expand...
  19. Obsidian_Crane

    Which Skin Tone is the real one ?!

    To be fair, everything you "see" is an illusion constructed in your brain. I've also never seen anyone look this "tanned" in real life. Sure its a long way from the darkest natural skin tone (or even the darkest you can get it in game as Tone 5 is darker than Tone 4 for female Vs), but it's not...
  20. Obsidian_Crane

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    When I say "attracted to women so I know what I like", it is not the same as being attracted to the face I'm creating. This V is an example of that for me, she isn't unattractive, but I'm not attracted to her (and I found it really hard to get good pictures of her): The other thing I do is...
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