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  1. Keive

    Cyberpunk 2077 — Our Commitment to Quality

    I have to say I appreciate that there are updates. Haven't touched the game since I first tried it out, but looking forward to after some more updates. Hoping for some cool new content later on.
  2. Keive

    Is this game an rpg?

    Lol but actually maybe they will turn it back to RPG
  3. Keive

    Motion sickness and headaches

    I understand the motion sickness, I have it to and the game does cause some bad headaches for me, along with flashing lights, one of the reasons I wanted third-person. Sure there will be something in the future or just mods to rely on, what I do is just take a few minute breaks in-between.
  4. Keive

    Is this game an rpg?

    It is literally not an RPG, not my words, their words. Official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter says the game is an Action-Adventure. Same genre as GTA. I will say that CDPR's Twitter differs so you can take it as you will. (Btw, the Cyberpunk Twitter once did say RPG but they changed it to...
  5. Keive

    What would Fix the game for you?

    Like others want, I want life brought into the city.
  6. Keive

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    For multiplayer I'd think they might go the route GTA does and some other games like FFXV, you make a new character, which makes sense to me. Of course we will die and respawn, just how it works and is to be, basically, ignored when it comes to story.
  7. Keive

    [SPOILER] Corp Lifepath?

    I didn't play much Copro but I didn't see much difference. I think what bugged me so much was that as a Corpo my apartment didn't seem to reflect the tastes I would have, especially "V's Favorite Shirt". Everything screamed Street Kid. Played as Street Kid and everything feels so much better...
  8. Keive

    The NEW Controversy

    Isn't that just great lmao...
  9. Keive

    [Suggestions]NUDITY MEGATHREAD - Remove censorship and bring back what advertised

    I didn't really care for nudity, doesn't mean all people feel that way. People thought they'd get some real adult content, then why blame them? Makes sense to me. They should have just said from the very get-go that it was a joke or not even include it at all. So tired of this blaming...
  10. Keive

    Why did your twitter change RPG to Action Adventure CDPR?

    I never seen this amount of hate before for RDR2, yeah sure for No Man's Sky but not RDR2 which is a really great game. I also don't want to say that CDPR is getting a lot of hate. You'll see posts saying that this or that needs to be addressed while people still add "take your time" "we...
  11. Keive

    Why did your twitter change RPG to Action Adventure CDPR?

    They'll get rid of the bugs, I'm sure on that. Will they add other features? Well, if the game is an RPG of course, if it's an action-adventure then it doesn't need all those features.
  12. Keive

    Gta vs cyberpunk

    I take back my statement about comparing the two since I learned the CP2077 Twitter says the game is action-adventure (which I thought they changed back to say RPG sometime ago). GTA probably has bugs, no doubt about it. But to even compare that to CP2077 is ridiculous. But some people have...
  13. Keive

    Why did your twitter change RPG to Action Adventure CDPR?

    On their own Twitter they say it's an RPG. But yes, the official game Twitter says it is not. So take it as you will. Not sure which they want to say it is. The game just really might not be considered an RPG now and that's how it is. So knowing that, it is the same genre as GTA.
  14. Keive

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    I had this thought as well when I had those options.
  15. Keive

    Why does V sound like a jerk?

    Kind of curious on this. Still not far at all in the game but I don't see dialog options. But pretty sure that maybe you two are misunderstanding each other? The NPC's , basically the ones wandering around town, just say something random or yes "huh?" the other NPCs with dialog options are...
  16. Keive

    Gta vs cyberpunk

    I couldn't say these are completely comparable. But GTA is far better IMO but obviously it doesn't have dialogue options, character customizations, etc. I would maybe compare CP2077 to maybe Outer Worlds, which again IMO I prefer that game over CP2077, not environment wise but the only thing...
  17. Keive

    Cyberpunk is unplayable after completing all the main quests

    Can you load a previous save before you did the last mission? (On the main menu)
  18. Keive

    I like this game.

    I actually have enjoyed the game some as well. I have plenty of complaints about different aspects but I really think the game is fun as a shooter. I saw some people not like the way guns work but I honestly do.
  19. Keive

    Many needs too calm down now is the time CDPR needs support from its fans

    I don't see why a company needs our support. They already got it for years along with pre-order money and the money from when it released. If they were a small indie studio sure.
  20. Keive

    Judy should have been bisexual, romance feels so lacking

    Could have been cool to have some bi characters, for sure, but I think Judy being a lesbian is fine, otherwise every romanceable NPC should be bi/playersexual. But it's not that way for the whole immersiveness aspect of the game. IMO, I prefer NPCs to have their own sexuality to add to...
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