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  1. KingHochmeister

    Mod Request - Epilogues

    I don't think it's possible, but at least you can reload a save right before the Tower BS happens and use the Debug Console to insert commands that change certain quest outcomes therefore have the epilogue you want, quite tedious but it works (I guess). War outcome changes courtesy...
  2. KingHochmeister

    What are your top three favourite scenes from TW3?

    Quite a low percentage, but I have to say, him and Vesemir dying (also Vigi and it seems from the game files that also Folan is supposed to die yet his journal does not update that he actually died at Kaer Morhen) make the most sense considering fifteen people (without Keira) managed to hold off...
  3. KingHochmeister

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Red Dead 3)

    It's more that they did not release Red Dead Redemption on PC, whether it is related to code issues or not is not exactly known for sure, but they easily missed on at least 2 million other sales by that decision to not include it on PC so far.
  4. KingHochmeister

    What are your top three favourite scenes from TW3?

    It escalated from the funeral of Vesemir (+ possibly Lambert) to a funeral of Kaer Morhen itself, that is why it was so damn hard hitting, he was Kaer Morhen.
  5. KingHochmeister

    Battlefield 5: World War 1/Great War

    There is no other reason to get a Battlefield game though.
  6. KingHochmeister

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Red Dead 3)

    I really doubt it, so I may just finally borrow my friend's PS4 for a while when RDR2 is out :P You can't trust any videogame trailer footage these days.
  7. KingHochmeister

    What are your top three favourite scenes from TW3?

    1- Geralt finding Ciri (no other scene in videogames will ever beat this one for me it seems). 2- Even though the death of Vesemir was predicted by pretty much everyone before the game was even out, the way he died and Geralt puts the sword back in his scabbard was just beautifully perfect, hits...
  8. KingHochmeister

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Red Dead 3)

    Loved the hell out of Red Dead Redemption (haven't played the first Red Dead) hopefully this one will be half as good as RDR was at least.
  9. KingHochmeister

    So the mystery of the mysterious cat is finally solved

    I guess I will go full Bob Ross and claim that "there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents" in this case and still have the headcanon that it is Ciri seeing Geralt as a cat like in the books instead of just a cinematic trick, hehe
  10. KingHochmeister

    Andrzej Sapkowski might be writing a new Witcher book

    Well yes, actually making a sequel would pretty much ruin the saga's ending and the meaning it had, but it didn't stop him from writing SoS's epilogue, sure, it was purposefully made not to be a "continuation" but more of a "closing the loop" thing, but you never know.
  11. KingHochmeister

    Older Release Date and General Speculation Thread.

    I always found the term for "seamless multiplayer" to just mean "meaningless multiplayer" in most cases, I hope it won't contain actual Multiplayer in the base game itself, but if a spin-off minigame or even a minigame inside the game itself can be played with multiplayer then I can get behind that.
  12. KingHochmeister

    Andrzej Sapkowski might be writing a new Witcher book

    Well he did write Season of Storms afterwards, so I wouldn't count on his words, even if a continuation would most likely not really offer anything new like he said in his response.
  13. KingHochmeister

    Replacing models

    I'm afraid you would only be able to do that with Sarcen's Mod Editor , the process is simple but a bit tedious, if a tutorial does not exist yet you can PM me because I got a tutorial from DarkPro0xy on Witcher 3 Nexus but it wouldn't be enough to be posted on a forum as a full tutorial.
  14. KingHochmeister

    Petition for the "Enhanced edition" aka Legacy for the ages

    I doubt he will write a sequel to Lady of the Lake as he pretty much "retired" Geralt twice now, but if the absolute madman does do a sequel, would definitely not mind it, even if the book will be all Ciri with no Geralt and Yennefer.
  15. KingHochmeister

    Zoltan is the best animated card in Beta

    Tie between Zoltan and Geralt for me. They are making new music for Gwent with Percival, sounding damn good.
  16. KingHochmeister

    Andrzej Sapkowski might be writing a new Witcher book

    Will the absolute madman write a sequel to Lady of the Lake? Or will he write a prequel or a short story book? We will see I guess.
  17. KingHochmeister

    A burning question.

    In his words: "Git gud", hehehe
  18. KingHochmeister

    Yennefer of Vengerberg (all spoilers) - The Revival

    It's Geralt reacting sarcastically, he literally says: "Herbs, not very incriminating", it is Geralt's shitty humour, Verbena is a normal healing plant in the Witcher world (from what I know) so all herbalists would have it.
  19. KingHochmeister

    Idea : Hero cards should an entrance music (Example video inside)

    I agree with this idea, sure, it can get repetitious but same for the lines the hero cards say.
  20. KingHochmeister

    Star Citizen

    Are people here really excited for Star Citizen? I am really skeptical about this game, it just can't deliver on the hype it has from its cult following, it is impossible at this point in my opinion, the demo looked beautiful, but demos weren't really reliable in the last 8 years .
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