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  1. Messyr

    Syndicate Coins not carrying over

    Reduced by half, and rounded down.
  2. Messyr


    Handbuff in my opinion is in a fine state. Since I can already see the fists flying towards me from all corners, let me clarify quickly :D Handbuff is the epitome of non-interactive playstyle. If played well, 90% of your actions cannot be countered or messed up by standard means (I'm not...
  3. Messyr

    Removal Is Too Strong, Like, Stupidly Strong

    I'd fundamentally disagree here. While I admit that powercreep brings lots of challenges and difficulties that need to be addressed, it is a vital part of a cardgame (and literally any similar genres). New content has to be at least compelling for players, otherwise it will not generate profit...
  4. Messyr

    A cards with Devotion

    The question you need to answer for yourself first is the following: what would make you play Devotion cards instead of neutral cards like Oneiromancy, Heatwave, etc? In general, you'd make a switch if the Devotion alternatives are the same in power or more or less in their effect (deck...
  5. Messyr


    The more I think about it, the more I believe nerfing Milva (or rather, making her near useless) was an actual mistake. Not only did it reduce ST to a low tier option in general, as well as removing an otherwise fully unique playstlye, although these alone should be reason enough. It had a...
  6. Messyr

    Removal Is Too Strong, Like, Stupidly Strong

    Massive pointslams, combos or shall we call 'finishers' are not necessarily an issue, if the game is properly designed and balanced around them. If generally every faction (and potentially most archetypes) have access to something similar in power, and not in effect, it is fine. Yes, they...
  7. Messyr

    Fucusya is broken! Why aren't the devs doing anything about it???

    This is a valid approach, however beast tag would be near useless and would restrict her to some niche meme decks. I do not think that is the right way to address it. Some sort of limitation on her ability is necessary though, I admit. I also agree that she is way too similar in design to two...
  8. Messyr

    Fucusya is broken! Why aren't the devs doing anything about it???

    Truth to be told, most of her prime targets are almost always non-deploy anyway (Havfrue, Preacher, Coral) - the deck that uses her deploy is mostly Pirates, and they are far from being overly dominant.
  9. Messyr

    Removal Is Too Strong, Like, Stupidly Strong

    Fact is, the meta became significantly worse with the effective removal of Milva control/removal. As aggressive as that deck was, it actually kept in check totally uninspiring and greedy decks like NR Mages, and so on. This months meta is already way more stale and boring than the previous month.
  10. Messyr

    Syndicate is so broken...

    I rarely say a card is broken by design, but unfortunately KOB is one of those rare occasions. There is just no way to defend this concept, where the only possible downside comes from making a bad mulligan and ending up with him in your hands. It reminds me of the first days of Eist, when he was...
  11. Messyr

    Patch Notes 10.1

    Imi, you don't understand how the card works. It has nothing to do with how many dwarves are in your hand - it damages itself based on any NON-DWARVEN units in your hand. You can have zero or 9 other dwarves in hand, that won't change a thing. - If you play it as the last card, it won't damage...
  12. Messyr

    Lock Assimilate to one proc per turn.

    I for one would rather concentrate on improving the weaker tags to something more synergystic or powerful. For example in case of Thrive I'd gladly see a mechanic that allows Thrive units to transform into a more powerful version (call it dire or whatever) of the card after reaching a certain...
  13. Messyr

    Yenn - Invocation needs a nerf

    As well as Fleders, Messengers and so on. It really adds no value to discuss if there can be ideal or not-so ideal choices for this. Most of the time it has to target a defender, which - at least in most cases - is a card worth playing the next round. It is a powerful, faction specific removal...
  14. Messyr

    Gwent Priorities

    I voted "Variety" even though I agree with you more or less. I still believe increasing the effort to bring more and more cards to playable power levels is the best way to drive towards a diverse, interesting meta. And while I definitely appreciate the increased amount of card revisions in the...
  15. Messyr

    Yenn - Invocation needs a nerf

    Feel free to do so. On a different note, the point is on actively trying to overcome difficulties yourself. I play the same game as you do, facing the same issues myself - yet I still have to find a single occasion where I'd go out and call Invocation anything extreme. Somehow I manage.
  16. Messyr

    Some nerfs for strong bronze engine cards (Fleder, Ancient Foglet, Messenger of the Sea)

    I pretty much agree here with all points. Messenger of the Sea, although a powerful engine, really requires Rioghan to reach her crazy potential. If anything, the issue is with Rioghan relatively binary design. Fleders could definitely use a row-locked non devotion treatment, I actually...
  17. Messyr

    Row Effect Clear Needs To Return

    These 2 would be extremely overpowered - and their two row-based abilities are not even in the same league of power. Fully clearing a row of all effects can single-handedly nullify a 10p Blood Moon to devastating effect - not to mention you can do it twice as it is a low cost bronze. It can...
  18. Messyr

    Patch Notes 10.1

    Obviously not if it gets summoned by Saskia instead of you playing it from your hand.
  19. Messyr

    Yenn - Invocation needs a nerf

    But at least there is a thought process and creative thinking involved at this stage. Although not a foolproof strategy, it goes miles ahead compared to simply rolling in a tantrum on how unjust the world (and Invo) is. On a sidenote, I really believe this comes down to the typical netdeck /...
  20. Messyr

    Relict Errors

    In all fairness, it is very difficult to pinpoint the cause of the issue without actual screenshots. I ran a few tests with Yaga this morning, but for me everything seems to work fine with her. As such, the potential causes can be the following: - even though there were available 4 prov units...
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