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    New Journey Bugged on Steam

    Restart and Verify/Repair did not solve the problem...I'm waiting now and if nothing happens then I'll send a ticket.
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    New Journey Bugged on Steam

    Bought premium Journey+25 Levels on GOG. Got the Bill, indikátor shows, I'm Journey Level 26, but got nothing. NoRPs, no Cosmetics, nothing, zero...
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    The GWENT WitcherCon Festival has begun!

    Thank you CDPR for this great event!
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    Daily Quests issues

    UPDATE: I made a "Verify/Repair". Those two "returning" quests are gone again, but the Journey quests has progressed (retroactively).
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    Daily Quests issues

    Same here, got my 2 lost quests back today. EDIT: But they are not progressing... EDIT 2: The Journey Quests are not progressing either....
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    GWENT: Community Q&A Thread - Ask Your Questions Here

    I did not try that yet, so I ask the community: Now, that the Casual Match is under "Training" and not under "Standard", do Casual Wins count in the "Win X Standard matches in Season Y" contracts? (I think not, but can someone confirm that?)
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    Daily Quests issues

    I just "lost" 2 Daily Quests too. The quest from today is still there, but the 2 quests from the last 2 days are gone (and those were 2 RP quests, so I lost 4 RPs too).
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    Journey quests stopped working

    Same here...Played a Full Neutral Deck with many Spells and Humans: Quests: "Play 60 Neutral Cards" : 0/60 (the complete deck is neutral) "Play 3 Spells" : 0/3 (after 2 Oneiro, 2 Thunder, 2 Pact...) "Play 15 Humans" : 0/15 (after playing Triss, Dandelion, many Human Bandits, etc) GG CDPR...
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    Journey contract progression is incorrect

    My Journey Weekly Quests are not progressing at all.
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    Journey contract progression is incorrect

    Look at this...I did all the weekly Journey Quest (Standard and Premium) and got the Contract "Complete 10 Triss' Journey quest" completed. How? There are only 6 0uests...I looked at the Contracts and found this:
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    Match ending in a sudden, forced draw

    Crimson Curse is bugged too. And the journey quests do not progress. I can't do "Win 1 match" because of server errors/draws.
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    I finaly did it!

    My first Reward Book Page doesn't look so good.... But the other ones AND the Seasonal Trees (all of it) are ready:
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    Draft Mode Patchnotes 7.4.1

    I forfeit immediately if I see Madoc. Don' want to waste my time.
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    The Prestige 9 Rewards should be reviewed and updated

    P8 was bugged back then.
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    Season of Love is here + Update 8.2

    No Reward Points at the end of theSeason of the Wild Hunt. No Reward points at the end of the Season of the Wolf. Do we get Reward Points at the end of the season? Or was this cancelled?
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    Important Update

    Dear Forum Members! I have a question. My gog account is linked with Twitch. If I change my gog password, what happens with my linked Twich? Thank you for your answer.
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    Is Arnaghad meant to work this way?

    I really don't want to be rude, but after all the topics, you created, after all the questions, you do not know the answer, after all the accusing the game "not working as intended", after all the things, you have no idea of... . . . . how did you get to Rank 1?
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    Master Mirror card bug?

    I got many Vattier for the deck, that has no lock cards in it :LOL: ... or Letho (without Auckes and Serrit of course)
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    Season of the Wolf has started

    I read, that there are many. And I did not receive the Reward Points for the Wild Hunt Season.
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    Problem to animate Lippy

    Burza said in a stream back in 2018. I finished the game on the hardest difficulty settings, but I wanted a 100% achievement and all Gwent "gifts" (cards, cosmetics...).Then I launched the easiest difficulty, but I did not find "skip battle" option. Then I find out, you must "forfeit" and then...
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