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  1. TwoNeonEyes

    CDPR, please add these items to Phantom Liberty?

    I agree with all of those suggestions. It would be great timing to bring out the mythical thermal katana. I still want some Cyberpunk yellow gun options (unless they've added that- I've been away from the game awhile). It's a cool shade of yellow imo.
  2. TwoNeonEyes

    I was hoping the DLC story wasn't with Silverhand

    I was shocked to see Keanu still a part of things. I thought maybe he'd run after all the stuff that has happened. That segment about the DLC in general really threw me off because I thought I had a better idea of what to expect. But I'm pleasantly surprised, even though I'm not a fan of Johnny...
  3. TwoNeonEyes

    Following the River - The River Ward thread

    Ha! Yes. River, to me, was surpringly appealing. As creepy as nephew story was, the combination of the wholesomeness was really nice. I caught myself doing an involuntary smile/giggle thing the first time playing River's storyline, lol. I really hope they add on something to his story in the...
  4. TwoNeonEyes

    "The Devil" Ending

    Oddly enough, I thought of it as my official ending during my first playthrough. It seems like the only one where V might still be V, and not a soulkilled engram like he/she is in the other endings (maybe). That just dampens all of the other endings for me even though they're more...
  5. TwoNeonEyes

    Following the River - The River Ward thread

    Nice photos! I just realized where he was in them. I gotta try that ending with River!
  6. TwoNeonEyes

    Bring back Brendan the machine in the future please :'(

    Yes, it's Bryan Dechart.
  7. TwoNeonEyes

    1.5 - GOG: Photo mode no longer saves pictures (RESOLVED)

    Thank you! This bugged me so badly, because I loved taking screen shots. After I added Cyberpunk to my allowed apps and saw that first photo since 1.5, I just felt joy, lol!
  8. TwoNeonEyes

    The atmosphere of Night City is unparalleled

    Can't stop diggin' Night City. It looks awesome here. I remember feeling like I had visited somewhere else after I finished, even with minimal specs. Loved the vibe of the video, the song really suits the game footage. I also have to commend your driving skills. I tended to avoid the bikes...
  9. TwoNeonEyes

    Humans of Night City — Elizabeth Peralez

    You're probably right. I just find it interesting because she's a part of one of the most popular sidequests. Idk. She's someone you want to know more about, just more about the Perelazes story in general.
  10. TwoNeonEyes

    Patch 1.5 & Next-Generation Update — list of changes

    Thanks for continuing to update Cyberpunk! I meant to comment back when I first read everything. I was so excited after reading the patch notes. Specifically apartments, the ability to alter your appearance during the game, additional LI stuff. It's cool that you've noted what players have been...
  11. TwoNeonEyes

    New wallpapers

    Wow, love the first wallpaper!
  12. TwoNeonEyes

    [POLL] V's best friend

    I'd say Jackie. Yes, Johnny and V became close to an extent (I guess moreso depending on how you played it), but they had no choice. Johnny's mindset, his selfishness and ego, sort of kept things warped even though he grew a lot as a person/engram during the experience. Jackie seemed like a...
  13. TwoNeonEyes

    Outta curiosity pc players, how excited are you for 1.5?

    Since I just finished a second play through, I'm more focused on getting expansions. I will read about the improvemements made to the game, and appreciate the work being put in to fix it. I guess I'm just more hungry for new game elements.
  14. TwoNeonEyes

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    I just got done playing this ending again. I saved it for last because this time I was playing as male V and felt it would be the most heart warming out of what I've seen. Then I thought about it, and V gets helps from Alt during this ending, so they end up an engram. I just couldn't enjoy the...
  15. TwoNeonEyes

    What stories/characters would you have liked to have been followed up on

    I agree with all the suggestions I've seen. I'm going to say Kirk because I went through the first chunk of my streetkid playthrough thinking maybe I'd learn more about him at some point.
  16. TwoNeonEyes

    My biggest complaint since 1.23

    They changed some of the actors in regards to the commercials, I think it was that big update maybe. Orgiatic was perfect beforehand! His delivery made me smile every time I heard it. I also prefered the old Mr. Whitey commmerical voice. Idk, he sounded shifty, his voice just suited the product...
  17. TwoNeonEyes

    Phone doesn'T work after Epistrophy fix

    Oh wow, I hope things worked out for you! Also, thanks for the heads up that this quest could still be bugged. The first time I played I had to purposefully fail the Delamain quest. I couldn't get Delamain to respond after I turned in the last car and it screwed up my phone. My current...
  18. TwoNeonEyes

    Following the River - The River Ward thread

    Currently on my second playthrough, but this time as male V. This is the one part of the game that makes me miss playing as female V.
  19. TwoNeonEyes

    Creating a character problems

    I noticed that as well. The piercings don't adjust to V's face and ear changes like they used to.
  20. TwoNeonEyes

    'Crouch' mechanic is unreliable.

    Oh wow, I thought it was just me and my non gamery keyboard!
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