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    Why does V sleep like an idiot on her/his bed?

    I feel verry sorry for V, he is always so exhausted he doesent care about pillow&duvet. He even forget to take off boots by himself, I have to make this in inventory, thats not normal.
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    So, i have cliffhanger ending. Got devil tarot. As we all know from ghosthunter tv shows and the bible, the devil or a deamon cant take over me/my soul without my agreement and they try hard with lies, manipulation, torture. Arasaka is devil, hallman dont like us, lies, sabotates our healing...
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    Increase draw distance and other settings?

    They have to rethink priorities if this is their art of graphic design. Hope this is a bug, because i give not much about fancy realistic ray traced moonshine when some lights and shadows disappear completely if i move back 5 meter. Not my video but shows the issue very good.
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    Turning off Quest Markers

    For me this is the solution. I can disable the questmarker, enemy healthbars, the small icons above them and the dark effect in stealth modus, thats what i needed for my immersion. NOW i begin to play. 1609120139 Btw, The questmarkerremover is the mod that removes also the smaller icons above...
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    Option/Toggle to hide objective markers/vendor icons/other symbols in the HUD

    For pc, hour ago, mods came out. Its now possible to remove enemy health bars(and the lttle icons), the questmarker and the dark effect while you in stealthmodus 1609115509 1609115551 And it works.
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    Turning off Quest Markers

    Its done, check nexus.
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    Option/Toggle to hide objective markers/vendor icons/other symbols in the HUD

    The spirit of christmas came to us. On nexus the first real mods appered, a customizable hud within reach. Long live jesus, hail santa claus!
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    Occasional massive performance drop since patch 1.05

    I download right now the whole game again, (rolling back). No performence drops with 1.05 but lod issues. 1608744329 Hotfix? Any information when? Or you mean the "big patch" for janauary?
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    Dev Appreciation Thread

    Stop that overemotionalness. CDRP people! who made the witcher games, stay strong like geralt and remove floating questicon and enemy healthbars!
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    Turning off Quest Markers

    This questmarker is mocking me all the time" come here little sheep...50meter to to stupid for using a map....just follow me...well behaved sheep...dont look there just follow doing iam....follow me....right here....good boy"
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    Can't play Cyberpunk as disabled person

    We all appreciate this form off taking care off and communication. Make cyberpunk and this forum great again.
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    Option/Toggle to hide objective markers/vendor icons/other symbols in the HUD

    So 1.05 is out, why is this not added in the options. We cried and spamed as good we can, what else should we do? And for pc's, no modder seems to know where to look for it.
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    Rate the avatar above you!

    Weird ass art you should watch carefully, weak minded person could get brain errors. 10/10 Now i want a bottle absinth for breakfast, and my eyeball. I need spoon to take out and fork to eat.
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    Desires for the future.

    Fak the 2018 promo female v, this is the hero i wanne be!
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    Desires for the future.

    Disable hud options(questmarker, symbols above enemys) And of course nudestuff
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    Will RTX 2060 be sufficient for Ray Tracing?

    I have a slightly over overclocked rtx2070 Amd ryzen 7 2700 8core 3.65Ghz 32 ram 1920x1080 solution I play with raytracing off, because in combo with dlss everything is washed out. I prefer clear sharp textures more than fancy lighting. Game looks great. In a second playthrough i might turn...
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    Any mod or tweak to remove more of the HUD?

    So, if you add "-noHUD" to your desktopshortcut it does work, but game not really playable because it hides things like dialougeoptions aswell.
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    No onscreen minimap like Fallout/Skyrim- No GPS

    For me all the immersion and discocery experiance is ruined with the questmarker and icons above some npcs. With the questmarker i dont need to pay attantion to anything anymore, iam just the sheep that follows it. If someone is a possibly enemy, i dont want to know that because of an icon above...
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