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  1. enoch_80

    Patch Notes 11.3

    Finally a change to draft mode... and it doesn't look bad either. At least now it's an alternative to the archetypes already found in ranked play.
  2. enoch_80

    Do something with draft mode!

    I've played a lot of draft games lately. Progressing for 7 games with no difference between winning and losing them makes no sense. There are some absurd card combinations (like two NG scenarios). There is no logic in the proposed card groups, some are too strong, others practically useless...
  3. enoch_80

    I'm leaving

  4. enoch_80

    Combo non funzionante o sbaglio io

    Ciao, ho provato e in effetti quando schieri Alissa rimette solo la copia che è presente nel cimitero di "raccolto copioso" e non ne crea un altra. dovresti segnalare la cosa al supporto tecnico.
  5. enoch_80

    Season of the Dryad begins!

    Please give us this seasonal mode (patience is a virtue) as an always available mode (maybe instead of the draft, which is crap)
  6. enoch_80

    Give us old arena back.

    Problem with draft is that it requires you to play meta mechanics. therefore it differs little from the normal game, it takes the strategies that dominate the meta to crazy levels. playing it often encountered the same mechanics and strategies ... in the long run it becomes boring and...
  7. enoch_80

    Nilfgaard change suggestions

    Mehdi_Chaari if you say NG is unbeatable, try playing 10 games and see how many you win. NG is perhaps the most difficult faction to play
  8. enoch_80

    "Swingy cards" aren't actually fun.

    Problem is not balancing the cards. there are too many cards that can be played without planning, without thinking about a strategy. some decks are played without even caring about what the opponent is doing. but I think it will be even worse in the coming months. will they be aiming for a lower...
  9. enoch_80

    "Swingy cards" aren't actually fun.

    I think it's easier to attract players with easy-to-play cards. programmers are probably following this path. in recent times it is very easy to generate an avalanche of points or damage without thinking too much about the cards to play. unfortunately this leads to matches that are all the same...
  10. enoch_80

    Combo dei mazzi

    Ciao, al momento mostri è uno dei mazzi più forti. Sicuramente alcune carte verranno riviste nei prossimi aggiornamenti. Ma anche Sindacato e Regni settentrionali hanno delle ottime strategie. Per avere indicazioni sui mazzi attualmente migliori ti consiglio di seguire alcuni team di gwent che...
  11. enoch_80

    How many would like a "random" mode? (Similar to the old arena)

    This total closure is something that bothers me. You wrote it several times. I also wrote it in the first post. We have the mode to climb the leaderboard where I need strategies and synergies between the cards, there is the draft mode that takes the concept of strategy and synergy to even more...
  12. enoch_80

    How many would like a "random" mode? (Similar to the old arena)

    In many discussions it has been written that programmers will never reintroduce the old arena :cry:. But many complain about the lack of that mode because it was the only one that did not require the planning and management of "proven" strategies. Yes, there are some fairly random seasonal...
  13. enoch_80

    Draft Mode 9.2 Patch Notes

    It continues to be a mode linked too much to a strategy. The old Arena was something different because it was a mode where I had to improvise with what came out of you. There were problems (some commander abilities gave a big advantage and there were differences in the number of gold cards of...
  14. enoch_80

    Sunset Wanderer needs a nerf

    I believe that neural cards in general (not just sunset warriors) take away variety and fun from matches. one way to make content all would be to insert a new modality where neural cards cannot be used 1626898885
  15. enoch_80

    Sunset Wanderer needs a nerf

    it is the only card that always starts in the hand. this also seems wrong to me
  16. enoch_80

    Sunset Wanderer needs a nerf

    The problem is not neutralizing the card, but it is played automatically and an additional card is drawn. Without having to use strategy or synergy. it really sucks
  17. enoch_80

    The GWENT WitcherCon Festival has begun!

    Very good event rewards. Maybe a little too quick and easy to get.
  18. enoch_80

    Do something with draft mode!

    yes now the draft mode has no attraction to be played. The arena was my favorite mode, I only tried the draft a few times and immediately quit.
  19. enoch_80

    Question on ranking

    Base score changes based on the level you start from at the start of the season. If you are at level 20 you will never get the MMR scores of a player who started at level 5
  20. enoch_80

    I made a computer from matches. I hope you will enjoy.

    It's crazy. How many matches did you use?
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