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  1. Faux_Grey

    [BUG] El Cesar message continuity.

    During the 'boxing' side quest, you encounter a character called El Cesar who you fight. On winning, you can choose to take his car, money, or let him keep everything. Later on in the game you get a message/conversation from him where he asks if you enjoy his car, even if you haven't taken it...
  2. Faux_Grey

    FPS keep going down as long as you play

    Myself and a few friends have the same problem where FPS slowly goes down until restarting the game. Usually after a few hours of playing, we all think it's some kind of GPU memory leak or.. something.
  3. Faux_Grey

    [Request] Please make pick up/loot radius larger

    Too many items get stuck under newspapers or bodies and you can't pick em up.
  4. Faux_Grey

    Say what you want about Keanu's VA but his lines could do with some volume tweaking

    I've had a couple of scenes (like at the rollercoaster) where his lines will suddenly become incredibly loud compared to his last sentence. Not sure if the game spatial positioning or the actual audio.
  5. Faux_Grey

    Mini-map while driving needs to be zoomed out

    I absolutely agree with this, I keep missing turnoffs while squinting at my minimap because they come up faster than you can slow down and you go past them.
  6. Faux_Grey

    Typos to be Fixed [Spelling Corrections Needed]

    I've also found lots of typos. Quite a few seem to be "autocorrects" as if they were written on mobile and then put into the game. Eh, I put it down to the lore. :P
  7. Faux_Grey

    Anyone else find it weird that conversations dont have a "goodbye" option?

    Often I see NPCs will make a comment if you walk away.
  8. Faux_Grey

    Max level is 50... BIG SAD!!!

    This makes me sad, I was looking forward to getting everything to max so I could play around, respec token didn't reset my actual stats, just the skills bought in each stat.
  9. Faux_Grey

    When you have the player give up their weapons...

    That's why I specc'ed into punching. No matter what, you've always got your fists, lmao.
  10. Faux_Grey

    Why was braindance removed, especially since we can buy braindances?

    One more way to make the world a little more immersive I suppose.
  11. Faux_Grey

    Why are pistols so overpowered ?

    I'm having a great time punching things at level 30~ish. Really never tried any weapons on this playthrough yet.
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