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  1. Nargon33

    I don't want any apologies. I just want to know that no matter what CDPR will fix this. There is no excuse for why C2077 can't run on my computer.

    Updating your graphics card firmware? I don't think you can do that. Updating your GPU drivers is not updating your firmware. If you're a running a driver that's years old I would not be shocked if your game does not work. This is something 90% of PC gamers I know do monthly. I have never heard...
  2. Nargon33

    What Gender is V?

    V is gender fluid it sounds like, and your enemies are trying to respect your identity. Obviously.
  3. Nargon33

    driving a car etc is extremely hard with keyboard/mouse

    I don't remember which game it was (maybe GTA?), but I think a driving style of aiming your mouse could work. Like aiming your mouse in a direction while holding down the left mouse button. Allows you to do minor adjustments. Other than that I'd like to see traction increased a little on all...
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