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  1. KaedweniWitcher420

    TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

    Hey Burza , How are you? a question concerning the opened expansion pack problem we had today. What will happen with scraps and mp?
  2. KaedweniWitcher420

    TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

    Hey Burza! Any ideas when can we expect a fix for the bugged seasonal tree? (quest not progressing) have a good one!
  3. KaedweniWitcher420

    TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

    Will master mirror board come back? I'm hating myself for missing it. Keep up the good job guys!
  4. KaedweniWitcher420

    Gun music gig bugged out

    It says online and iirc from my previous playthrough that The gun music quest triggers after doing riders on the storm. After the new patch the quest doesn't appear in arroyo at all nor on my quest list..
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