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  1. Spectral_Warrior

    Why is there a love interest for every life path except Corpo?

    I get what OP is trying to convey with this topic, but personally I dont look at it as "a love interest for every lifepath" because there is a huge disconnect there. Since lifepath means little more than 'where did you came from' you could say there's 1 LI who you may share a background with...
  2. Spectral_Warrior

    My favourite game, now dead

    A lot here and I'm not about to invalidate that. In return I feel for you that things changed on you for the worse to your belief. I'm not sure in what way specificaly both can exist side by side, but lets assume that if this were possible then sure, having both options would always be better...
  3. Spectral_Warrior

    My favourite game, now dead

    Yeah but who cares about "game dead" Nobody has any control over when anyone else will play the game. This entire foreboding means exactly nothing.
  4. Spectral_Warrior

    My favourite game, now dead

    And for every one of 'you' there is also one that counters you. For example: I also (pre)purchased everything at all instances and I love the game still. Beter now than before. So here I am hoping CDPR wont listen to 'you'. And like this, theres a myriad of voices saying something. Btw, I've...
  5. Spectral_Warrior

    Thank you!

    My apologies, this V is still on the parking lot of H10 trying to break into a nicer vehicle. But I'm on my way Dogtown1... Soontm
  6. Spectral_Warrior

    Share your V! (build edition)

    While I'm only still on level 4 or 5 of a fresh new playthrough that is also meant to be my Phantom Liberty play, and not fully knowing what all of the new skills are. My 'build' ...which is essentially just an assortment of random stuff picked up when I need it... Will be along the lines of: -...
  7. Spectral_Warrior

    Save Failed - insufficient space - Series X

    I've had this problem very often around a year or two back with Fallout 4 (modded) on PS4. Saving a game was impossible, including trying to overwrite etc. With FO4 though, the problem was more severe as you cant delete savefiles from the screen you're in when wanting to save, meaning you wil...
  8. Spectral_Warrior

    Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Twitch Drops

    Well then I lose out on a redcolored Ashura. But twitch will not now or ever be something I will connect to.
  9. Spectral_Warrior

    Level scaling ruins the game

    From the beginning the complaint was that the game was too easy. The only change this levelscaling would generate is that you can venture into down town straight away, which in principle I find a good change. Before 2.0 you basically had to venture each of night city's districts in a clockwise...
  10. Spectral_Warrior

    Level scaling ruins the game

    That is definately true. I was more so making that statement with the specific "you have to work for it mentality" I've read several threads about either the level-scaling or netrunning 'problem' and outside of verging on a mental meltdown, most of the complaints are centered around "I cant walk...
  11. Spectral_Warrior

    Level scaling ruins the game

    Highlighted the important bit were most complainers fly off the handle. I find it curiously close to how this mimic real society these days.
  12. Spectral_Warrior

    Level scaling ruins the game

    Exactly. People seem to conflate "being the most powerful man/woman within the game's world" with "litterally 180°-NoScope-Oneshotting the most powerful of powerful enemies (god forbid armies)" as if they accidentally walked in the vicinity of it. Hopefully the level of sarcasm comes across...
  13. Spectral_Warrior

    Level scaling ruins the game

    Its a singleplayer game, wether its 'dead' means absolutely nothing. On topic, I'm rather indifferent. You'll probably will be able to make yourself into a machine of death OP legend. Except now YOU have to put in more work to make it happen rather than just level up without further effort...
  14. Spectral_Warrior

    Update 2.0

    Like grimreaper said, and to be more precise, according to CDPR there virtually no differences in act 1 (before heist) between Update 2.0 and release of PL.
  15. Spectral_Warrior

    Update 2.0

    Cool update! ! Approx 1 hour automatic download/install on PS5, then entered the game and spend about 2 to 3 hours loving the new stuff. Had no issues or bugs so far neither with install or gameplay. Went to me flat to look at Autofixer (shame no selling option) Had a car chase already which...
  16. Spectral_Warrior

    Starfield! Spaaaaaaace...ladders.

    Starfield, I would probably go nuts with the ship- and settlement building, like FO4 I'm totally into that stuff. Slap down a network of small bases, resource gathering station and eventually (pretend shipyard) build myself the biggest damn battlecruiser the game would allow me to make so that...
  17. Spectral_Warrior

    DON'T care for more DLCs; I Just want npcs with better interaction mechanics and a more Beefy Ai

    I suggest you read my comment again, carefully. Then attempt to understand what it says rather than spin it sideways. GTA is not verically interesting no. If you CLEARLY read my post you would understand what I was getting. Your rebuttle shows you either didn't read or not understood it. I...
  18. Spectral_Warrior

    DON'T care for more DLCs; I Just want npcs with better interaction mechanics and a more Beefy Ai

    So according to you GTAbdid it better because better waterphysics... Well odd method to gauge quality but fine. I disagree through. Outside of some NPC which have scripted content, Los Santos might as well be dead. Nearly everyone walking around exist solely to be driven over, punched in the...
  19. Spectral_Warrior

    Do you think Phantom Liberty will be worth the price? Reasons?

    We does not include me, I can tell you that. I've been watching some of the things they say and show about Starfield and I have concerns. The game strikes me as a NMS year-1 game, add to that there's apparently not gonna be vehicle/mount traverse across planetscapes, meaning to me there playable...
  20. Spectral_Warrior

    Transferring PS4 Saves to PS5 Before Playing Phantom Liberty

    I cant give you a detailed guide, however there is detailed guides about how you can transfer your savefiles from a PS4 to a PS5. The short summary from what I recall I had to do was: both systems must be running simultaneously on the same network and you must be signed in with the same account...
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