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  1. Kavinsky303

    The atmosphere of Night City is unparalleled

    It has been discussed many times how beautiful the design of Night City is and how dense the atmosphere is, but I just wanted to share this short video I recorded, cruising through Japantown in the morning after a rainy night, to show my appreciation for CDPR’s work. This is running with a mod...
  2. Kavinsky303

    How Night City would feel with more realistic sound design

    It's not about the loudness of sounds, everyone could easily adjust that to taste in their settings. The point is a realistic simulation of sound sources in 3D space, matching the things you actually see on screen. When a (non-electric) sports car is right next to you waiting in traffic, you...
  3. Kavinsky303

    How Night City would feel with more realistic sound design

    This is not the reason why the sound design turned out the way it did. Don't get me wrong, I love this game and I think CDPR has done an incredible job with some aspects of the game, but sound design is not one of them. They haven't put much effort into it and it was very rushed. You can tell...
  4. Kavinsky303

    How Night City would feel with more realistic sound design

    We all know that the visual fidelity of Cyberpunk 2077 can be outstanding when running on a high-end PC. At times the crowd and traffic density are really high, yet I always felt like there is something not right with Night City, making it feel lifeless and dull in some way, despite what you see...
  5. Kavinsky303

    DLSS doesn't work

    That's because a Ryzen 7 3800x is still too slow for your RTX 3090. The 3800x can't keep up and bottlenecks your system before your 3090 gets a chance to take off and get a high boost from DLSS. If anything, you would only notice a slight boost in 4K with DLSS in quality mode. Like I said...
  6. Kavinsky303

    Pop in, light rendering, shadows, and shimmering are almost unbearable for me

    Since update 1.2, I see cars and NPCs spawning and materialising (fading in) right in front of me. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to be annoying. Same happens with weapons when I pull them up for the first time after loading a new game. Did you guys get this glitch as well...
  7. Kavinsky303

    What do you actually LIKE about the game?

    350 hours in and I can agree with most people here, the design and atmosphere of Night City is what I love about the game and what makes me keep coming back. I've played all relevant open world games before, but CP is the first one that makes me feel like I'm walking around in a real metropole...
  8. Kavinsky303

    DLSS doesn't work

    You're running an RTX 3090 on a Ryzen 5 1600?? Your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU MASSIVELY dude, which is why DLSS can't help. With DLSS turned on, the internal resolution is lowered and then upscaled, which is great when you're bottlenecked by your GPU, but won't make any difference at all...
  9. Kavinsky303

    What immersion-breaking bugs do you want to be fixed ?

    For me it's the animation system for all NPCs that needs to be improved. Not sure if this can be called a bug though, or a missing feature. What I noticed is, the engine doesn't seem to be able to seamlessly blend between the last frame of animation A and the first frame of animation B. It will...
  10. Kavinsky303

    What is up with the ragdolls in this game???

    The ragdolls in CP are just ridiculous, there's no way to sugarcoat it. It seems to me though that the developers at CDPR are not great at implementing good physics in general. You can see it in almost all areas, like car physics or water physics for example. What I don't understand is why...
  11. Kavinsky303

    Patch 1.23

    Same here. Since patch 1.23, the NPC clones have become worse. Playing on PC with max settings. No way to fix it at the moment. Just gotta hope CDPR will do so with patch 1.3... Also the LOD and world streaming has become worse with 1.23. NPCs, cars and even my own weapons are constantly...
  12. Kavinsky303

    DLSS doesn't work

    DLSS is not broken, it's working fine. It certainly doesn't change the LOD or make textures look blurry. In quality mode you can barely differentiate it from native mode honestly, while it doubles the FPS. It's a remarkable technology that should be appreciated.
  13. Kavinsky303

    The 2 things that this game needs most

    CP definitely needs other features more urgently than arcade mini-games tbh...
  14. Kavinsky303

    What game are you currently playing

    Ratchet & Clank on PS5
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