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  1. zacadoo

    Patch 2.12

    Wow what a great fix. The purpose of this quickhacks is completely useless now. [...]
  2. zacadoo

    whats with this new update

    I agree they should fix the game but yet they haven't completely done that and it's still riddled with issues. I'm personally waiting to see how good dragons dogma 2 is and probably done with this companies games after this mess of a game. I waited for three years after buying the broken PS4...
  3. zacadoo

    Patch 2.12

    So is sonic shock fixed now or what? Also cyberware still randomly unequips itself.
  4. zacadoo

    Level scaling ruins the game

    Yeah but they gave us tools to combat even this problem. For example perk gag order allows you to hit the enemy in stealth a few more times than just once and he's alerted. This works very well with throwing knives which are the very best way to stealth now period along with takedowns.
  5. zacadoo

    Patch 2.11

  6. zacadoo

    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    Yeah Nue is a good pistol to slap a silencer onto now. Even a fully modded overture revolver isn't too bad for all our combat now. As far as iconics go many of them aren't as powerful now. Revolvers are pretty good shotguns are still very powerful as well. One of the hands cyberware is great for...
  7. zacadoo

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    I've noticed many times when I go to a ripperdoc a random piece of cyberware will be unequipped for no reason. I have no idea why. It's kind of annoying it's happened many times now. I'll have to re equip it only to have it happen again. Makes no sense especially cause I have Edgerunner perk. So...
  8. zacadoo

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    Game went right back to the dark ages to push out the new dlc. It's obvious that this dlc and the patch of 2.0 should have been the pinnacle of the game. Yet here we are with lists of annoying bugs some big some not and the game breaking stuff that just shouldn't be there at content releases...
  9. zacadoo

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    What do you mean all the issues faded away? I'm having trouble understanding. You posted a screenshot and what it looks like to me is cloud syncing causing issues for one thing. Next id wonder about anything else but that would be the first thing I disable when I play this game. Cloud syncing...
  10. zacadoo

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    Must of been the internet sorry 😆 1698083666 There is no such thing as a big free game first of all. This game is huge and it's always gonna have issues. I agree they should try to fix it up more but it's never ever going to be perfect. 1698084041 Man this is crazy. I haven't ran into this...
  11. zacadoo

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    I mean I went to upvote your post and the webpage had a seizure. Lol like I think this website needs an update for real. . .
  12. zacadoo

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    This website loads at pre broadband speeds for me. Meanwhile I can upload a screenshot to Facebook right now no problems. Super slow super clunky and super frustrating. I don't know what the problem is.
  13. zacadoo

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    Please fix your game and fix your website it's really jank. I can't even upload a screenshot to this website without issues and it doesn't like to load either. What's the deal? I see broken image icons everywhere ... Yikes.
  14. zacadoo

    My favourite game, now dead

    It's funny I just stopped my car in the street to stand next to it and take a screenshot of my male character with the NUS twitch jacket boots and pants on and the police pull up behind me. I go over to snap a shot with them and they start backing up peeling out trying to run me over. So I...
  15. zacadoo

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    Probably break my save file and or gear again can't wait.
  16. zacadoo

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    Man this website is sure frustrating can't seem to upload a simple screenshot what a joke. 1697810305 1697817080 I can't seem to upload a screenshot in a respectful manner around here and the website does not want to load properly. Fix your website. Good grief.
  17. zacadoo

    [BUG] - Patch 2.01 Radio Now Entirely Muffles Vehicle Sounds

    All they needed to do all they ever needed to do is make the game work. The only things that should have been on this patch was quest fixes and Bug fixes period. Also a fix to the crashes the performance and the PS5 save corruptions. Yet we get things like this things like cyberware arm changes...
  18. zacadoo

    Patch 2.01 coming soon (known issues)

    Yeah man I mean Idk why there's not a simple setting to turn off autosaves or manage them at all after three years of crashing. It's honestly flabbergasting to say the least.
  19. zacadoo

    What do you want to see in the new 2.0 patch? Or in the next patches?

    This some kind of late late April fools post?
  20. zacadoo

    post 2.01 BUG REPORT: tier downgrade for arms cyberware

    YEP I DONT HAVE THE SCREENSHOT BUT IM ON PS5 SAME THING. My monowire white. My favorite throwing knife green rarity and cannot be upgraded when it was legendary before the update. Also markers over fast travel points are glitching out. The blue teardrop shaped ones. Past that I haven't played...
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