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  1. slinksaintsfan

    Gig Life's Work bug

    nope just gonna wait for a patch
  2. slinksaintsfan

    Gig Life's Work bug

    Doing the Life's Work gig and Jake's car is stuck in the floor.
  3. slinksaintsfan

    Cyberpsycho Sighting: Discount Doc Bug

    this worked
  4. slinksaintsfan

    [PC] Mission bug: Riders On The Storm

    same issue 1607899674 i just walked to the top of the stairs to the main floor with saul and the quest updated to get in the back of the van
  5. slinksaintsfan

    Cyberpsycho Sighting: Discount Doc Bug

    I visited the area of the quest early and didn't get the Send a Crew shard from the merc Chase Coley kills. I revisited the area later and killed Chase Coley but the Send a Crew body had despawned.
  6. slinksaintsfan

    [Suggestions]NUDITY MEGATHREAD - Remove censorship and bring back what advertised

    modding will eventually be crazy awesome
  7. slinksaintsfan

    is cp2077 favoring firearm builds over katanas?

    netrunner once leveled is actually crazy
  8. slinksaintsfan

    Too lack of sex scenes and Element of love.

    horny on the cyberpunk forums
  9. slinksaintsfan

    🎉The Welcome Thread

    im just trying to up my posts
  10. slinksaintsfan

    My humble Cyberpunk team appreciation and gratitude

    bugs need ironing but the game really is great
  11. slinksaintsfan

    The color scheme has changed!

  12. slinksaintsfan

    🎉The Welcome Thread

    need 1607834149 more 1607834159 posts
  13. slinksaintsfan

    Does ray-tracing replace screen space reflection?

    i would disable ssr if youre using rt reflections because rt looks better and ssr adds mostly nothing with rt on
  14. slinksaintsfan

    Cloud Sync Failed - PC

    cloud sync isnt a huge issue just be sure to backup saves yourself
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