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    The new forum look

    Bawhahaa.. Thanks, I just got this, I'll see if I can find my way to that part of the site, cuz I'd love to share some of my crappy demos!! Lol Hey, I got potential ;) "Toot-Toot."
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    The new forum look

    Thank You... For Real Tho.. You guys inspire me a lot, I mean that. So.. Go hear some of my (Rough) Song Ideas that I have done all alone just these past few months, I got a lot to do tho.. if I wanna make them Great Lol. ;) if I can't post...
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    The new forum look

    Lol Whoa!! Yeah.. it's super bright in here.. Aaaah!! Anyways.. I missed this place a bit, I feel like I worked here for a good 3 years since 2013. I didn't forget about you CDPR Team and all the kickass gamers on here, you're all the best. ;) \m/ And now I'm back to creating some new...
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    Hotfix 1.31 available now on consoles!

    Thank You CDPR Team ;)
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    Hotfix 1.31 now available on PC!

    I love this game, thank you! ;)
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    Release date announced for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition

    TW3 is the best game I have ever played. :)
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    Where do I get the Blood and Wine limited edition

    LOL.. it sure would be the one fantasy rpg to rule them all.. that's for sure! Fingers crossed ;)
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    Where do I get the Blood and Wine limited edition

    ?, So.. since B&W looks, and runs better.. with better lighting, grass etc.. is there any chance that CDPR Team will.. remaster the original base game with these new solid improvents,UI, plus both expansions on the Historical GOTY Edition? That would be fucking rad!! Please. :) lol
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    Skellige Armor DLC Icon missing

    Yep, mine is like that too.. on PS4!
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    The Witcher 3 and CDPR Appreciation thread

    This game is very healing to say the least and it has been helping me through some pretty rough times. I'm thankful for it's kreation. B&W should be amazing.. also and I can't wait! :wondering:
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    Graphics upgrades beyond B&W

    Sorry.. but do we know if this graphics/lighting upgrade carrys over to the consoles, ps4 digital version for example?
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    With or Without HUD?

    NO HUD.. Turn it off so that you can only see your active quest/minimap/healthbar only when you bring up your accsess menu/witcher sign wheel, it's the best way to play! :)
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    Graphics upgrades beyond B&W

    Oh.. man I thought I heard/read that B&W DOES have a new lighting system.. oh well..
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    Blood and Wine available May 31st!

    OMG! So Awesome! :)
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently the Most Awarded game of all time

    The GOTY Edition should be amazing, bug-free.. improved and able to stand the test of time for future generations to come! lol
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    DLC Blood&Wine Date of release? [Spoilers]

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    DLC Blood&Wine Date of release? [Spoilers]

    MrManiac16 Troldierman SigilFey :)
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    DLC Blood&Wine Date of release? [Spoilers]

    JULY 5th works, it's only my birthday. It only makes sense, cause the last expansion came out on my Sons birthday ;) lol..
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    aaah.. like. dragon's. dogma. too.. yeah. that. would. be. pretty. neat.:)
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    Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

    both consoles already have a photo mode, e.g. PS4 push the share button and for XB1 double click the glowing X button! ---------- Updated at 08:04 PM ---------- Bummer.. so PS4 will not have better graphics with the new B&W expansion :( Damn it, hurry up SONY/MICROSOFT!!! WE NEED A NEW...
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