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  1. anvasser

    Witchfinder Avatar Bugged

    So, I didn't see a post about it, and it almost cost me a game today so decided to write about it. While playing the new Octavia Hale skin with Pincer Maneuver leader, I noticed (and managed to reproduce it) that each time I activate leader there is a pause of about 4-6 seconds before the...
  2. anvasser

    New Northern Realms cards

    I think because to benefit from this you must then play cards like Shani and Necromancy in your deck, losing more Provision Points from other cards... And then you have to manage to let them stay long enough, and be able to resurrect them to get the benefit (and don't forget some of them have...
  3. anvasser

    Now playing [music]

    Percival & Marcin Przybylowicz - Merchants of Novigrad (Nothing better than the Witcher 3 soundtrack while playing Gwent or doing other stuff :D)
  4. anvasser

    The GWENT WitcherCon Festival has begun!

    Big kudos, and huge thanks CDPR! The event is really simple, and the rewards are quite nice (especially the coins and 'Sunset Wanderers' card), looking forward to WitcherCon itself :)
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