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  1. yabab

    Ridicilous attribute requirement scaling (body 17 at level 30) forces missions to be soft-locked

    It's not ridiculous, some paths are not available to your character. It's a common feature for RPG's to gate sections to certain character archetypes. This has been done since D&D in the 70's.
  2. yabab

    Ridicilous attribute requirement scaling (body 17 at level 30) forces missions to be soft-locked

    The only thing they need to fix is the money scaling, which is full of bugs. The rest is fine. That door is designed to be used by a Body build, all other builds should look for the window. The game is part immersive sim, anyway. If they remove that aspect, it would severly weaken the game...
  3. yabab

    Cyberpunk 2 will have to be smaller

    It needs to be the same size, but the Unreal Engine 5 change will challenge that. Fingers crossed they make it.
  4. yabab

    Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 patch. Bug with the "sonic shock" script.

    They likely won't do anything regardless, they already moved the needle in terms of public perception and multiple devs have spoken that it is time to leave the game behind and focus on Orion, the sequel.
  5. yabab

    remove Cyberware capacity RNG

    Nah, most got halfway... Still enough to get a build going and finish the game on Very Hard. But I never got fully kitted out with contraband cyberware. Got to full Armor a couple of times, but that seems to be calculated differenty.
  6. yabab

    remove Cyberware capacity RNG

    My problem with them are these: The patch notes specifically says they should drop correctly. Why? Probably because CDPR knows they aren't dropping correctly for saves upgraded to 2.1. They're only dropping correctly for fresh saves created at 2.1; The fact CDPR are repeating the same fucking...
  7. yabab

    2.1 Bugs Make This Update Unenjoyable To Play

    To prevent NPC's from despawning, turn on the Mini map and toggle Crowds on Mini map.
  8. yabab

    How hard is it to fight Smasher using Melee?

    Bullet Deflection and Leap should solve your ranged concerns. But Smasher will adapt to you. He can fight in Melee, Ranged or Hacking. I think Stealth is the only approach that got fucked...
  9. yabab

    Homing and sticky grenades post 2.0/Phantom Liberty

    Ha, that's modern software development for ya.
  10. yabab

    Homing and sticky grenades post 2.0/Phantom Liberty

    Yeah, lots of cool shit like this were axed in 2.0. Removing scopes from Snipers is another thing that really pissed me off...
  11. yabab

    2.1 Bug - No NPC and no Cars in the Streets

    They need to patch the entire game...
  12. yabab

    What do we think of the patch?

    So many new bugs introduced, this shouldn't be happening 3 years in. Honestly, I think they should just call it quits and let the community work on an unnofficial patch for the remaining bugs... They'll just keep fixing 3 things and breaking another 5 with every patch. Has been like this the...
  13. yabab

    BUGS after Patch 2.1

    I thought this was a specific location bug, but I think I have stumbled upon the same thing. God damn, for the first time I think I might downgrade back to v2.02...
  14. yabab

    BUGS after Patch 2.1

    I'm just mad some simple fucking bugs are still not fixed, like the walking toggle on K&M.
  15. yabab

    Update 2.1 Patch Notes

    Is the walking toggle fixed for PC when entering safe areas?
  16. yabab

    Tune in to REDstreams to learn more about Update 2.1

    Something tells me Cyberpunk 2077 will get much of the same treatment as Witcher 3. Whenever a new version is announced for consoles with some new bells and whistles, the PC version will get an update with the corresponding features.
  17. yabab

    Several issues with Cyberpunk 2 decisions made by the devs

    I can confidently say (after 2 playthroughs post v2.0, both with 70+ hours, now playing my third character since the update and with at least a fourth on the horizon) that the truth is the v2.0 update is not 100% compatible with v1.0's design. They did their best, but several decisions made by...
  18. yabab

    Kerenzikov + melee weapons after 2.0

    The change I didn't like in 2.0 was not being able to remove scopes from Snipers. What ya gonna do, right? Just gotta live with it!
  19. yabab

    Bug - Shower texture are broken

    The water was fixed, not the blood though.
  20. yabab

    Cyberware Progression Renders Mods Useless

    Can't you figure out what the save file requires to artificially correspond to a level 60 character?
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