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  1. SkipDaemon

    Why can't I save my keybinds with some missing?

    Title says it all. I can't save my keybinds when some are missing. Why would I want to save a bind for sprint toggle, when I never use toggles for anything. So I have no reason to bind a key to it. Now it seems that CDPR have decided that all options must be binded or it wont save your...
  2. SkipDaemon

    Would you pay for this DLC?

    If I could, I would get a refund and have the option of reverting back to 1.7. CDPR completely messed this up. 1699447940 I brought this game to play Cyberpunk 2077, not GTA. If I wanted to play GTA I would play that game. I just wish developers would stop trying to clone other games and just...
  3. SkipDaemon

    What's with the stupid dropped loot boxes?

    It doesn't make sense as almost every tom, dick and harry can go to Dog Town including politicians... You are free to come and go as you please... But importing and exporting goods? Can't do that, even though there is NC cordon to stop freight or goods crossing into Dog Town, the only people...
  4. SkipDaemon

    What's with the stupid dropped loot boxes?

    Seriously the more I play this update, the more I hate it. What is with the stupid loot boxes that drop, then give off the red smoke? It's pathetic and stupid, and the kind of garbage that GTO would do. Seriously, if I wanted to play GTO I would play GTO, I brought Cyberpunk, because I wanted...
  5. SkipDaemon

    Phantom Liberty Thumbs Down.....

    I just nearly through my PC out the window at the part when you have to get in teh boot of the car and highjack it. Everything is fine until you take control of the car. The car is not looked to cam and you have to f**k about with the cam whilst driving the car. This is not fun, this is...
  6. SkipDaemon

    David and his crew should be in game.

    No they should not, all dead bar two.
  7. SkipDaemon

    Do ripper Doc all sell the same stuff?

    But hat is the who point of games like Cyberpunk, actions are supposed to have consequences. For me, this just panders to lazy gamers and takes more away from the game than it adds. Why have several ripper doc's when you can just have one, it makes the rest meaningless now.
  8. SkipDaemon

    Do ripper Doc all sell the same stuff?

    Title says it all really, as it seems to me that all the ripper docs sell the same stuff. It stands to reason that some ripper do's will have their area of expertise and get certain upgrades from the only. Now there is no point exploring and finding stuff if this is the case. As I have been...
  9. SkipDaemon

    Details which you like on 2.0

    I hate the fact that anyone can craft now, crafting should have been a skill tree, but expanded to include building useful gadget or little remote-control toys, vehicles etc that could loaded with bombs, hacking utilities etc. Adding another style of game play to the game. A missed opportunity...
  10. SkipDaemon

    Why did you have to ruin Tetratronic Rippler Mk.5????

    Really? I never wanted a GTO experience, I wanted a Cyberpunk 2077 experience. No wonder it's garbage now.
  11. SkipDaemon

    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    You're telling me. It's like throwing bad farts at people, it's irritating more than deadly. Hits the nostrils hard though. As for the sniper rifles, hitting anywhere should feel like you are hitting with a tank round, 50 cal bullet isn't go tickle your nipple if it hits it. Every weapon...
  12. SkipDaemon

    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    Yup, using Apogee and getting head shots and hit like a wet flannel. 2x Headshots and 6 body shots with a sniper to take one enemy down. They have ruined this game. But hey at least it's full of garbage boss girls and ticked boxes to meet their ESG garbage or whatever it is. Can't balance a...
  13. SkipDaemon

    Why do I have to press the 'r' key three times to reload?

    Seriously, what is the problem. I have to press the 'r' key several times before it reloads or much of the other stuff I want to activate. And anther things, sometimes coming out of Sandi, have to press the fire key multiple times before it decides to fire. I use shift to run and I prefer...
  14. SkipDaemon

    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    I am using Death and Taxes and the Comrad, which has an AOE, but you just do so little damage with it. And I don't have a melee build or melee weapons... I literally am stuck at this spot and threre is nothing I can do.
  15. SkipDaemon

    My favourite game, now dead

    I want to know who thought it was a good idea to use stamina whilst firing weapons. Oh my pinky is knackered, guess I can't fire now. Stupidity of the highest order.
  16. SkipDaemon

    My favourite game, now dead

    I am pretty p**sed that I am at level 60 with Sandy Pistol build and doing 50 points of damage with transedent unique teir 5++ pistols on enemies with 2000+ hit points, maxed out in cool for pistol and snipers perks and doing minimal damage. I am not stuck at a part of the game (liverty, when...
  17. SkipDaemon

    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    Seriously, how do you? I am trying to get past the part in phantom liberty where you call the lift and get ambushed and I cant do enough damage to do anything to anyone. You just get over run and die. I have a pistol build and I am doing hardly any damage. I use Sandevistan build, I have maxed...
  18. SkipDaemon

    Why only the one ability score change?

    Seriously? Why only once? You have implemented an entire new skill tree that obliterated my old build, on a character that had over 400 hours on it. Which has now been ruined as I am learning to figure this skill tree and abilities out. No, I don't fancy starting a new character from level 1...
  19. SkipDaemon

    Will CDPR ever respond to lack of RPG Mechanics and lack of choices?

    [...] It may not be the most in depth RPG upon release, granted, but it certainly has plenty of RPG elements to it. For example it has more perk and skill option than the likes of any of the Bethesda (super buggy, never properly fixed, lets leave it to modding community to fix our games for...
  20. SkipDaemon

    Patch 1.1, when?

    When it's ready. Or do you want them to rush it again? No? Didn't think so, so just let them release it when it is done.
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