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    The Lodge of Sorceresses(all spoilers)

    It seems Syanna was not the only one Anna Henrietta forgot about! Of course I'm still salty about them killing Sabrina in W2- her death made about as much sense as Dijkstra attacking Geralt with an axe! Triss, Keira, and Sabrina had all the fun in the books- flying around making castles explode!
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    Feedback / Bug Report Topic for the KTS GWENT Event

    It would be great to have background skins based on different inns from the games- Hairy Bear, New Narakort, Flotsam Port, Vergen's Cauldron, White Orchard, Alchemist Inn, Passiflora, Skelligan New Port, etc.
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    GWENT: KTS Discussion Thread

    ^^ This! It just slows down gameplay unnecessarily. Medics: Shani -> revive Nenneke -> revive Overseer -> something else appears will end a round very fast. Art Note: The shadows and bright background make Shani hard to see on her card. Loving most of the other cards though! Foltest...
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    Real world locations that probably need some witchers work

    This showed up on Reddit today, no location attached, unfortunately.
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    What disappointed you about this game?

    My biggest gripe with Witcher 3 is the lack of persistent pressure from villains. The Wild Hunt are the worst for this, because there are huge sections of the game where you could easily forget they exist. If not for Keira's Wandering in the Dark quest, there would be no contact with the Hunt...
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    How to open recently found books and notes?

    For me it is "V", but it might be different for others.
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    "Something ends, something begins..." What were your best moments from The Witcher 3?

    One great thing about Regis is he's a monster who is more human than most humans. Like a witcher, he's an outsider, a freak, someone to be feared and hated, but he has the wisdom and personality to live peacefully among humans. By conventional thinking a witcher and a vampire should be...
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    Which creatures/beings would you classify as demons in Witcher 3 and it's two expansions(maybe spoilers)?

    Roach has to be some sort of demon- an immortal horse that appears across the sea to join its master! I would count the Crones as demons. They subvert nature around them and make harsh bargains with the people in their domain.
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    "Something ends, something begins..." What were your best moments from The Witcher 3?

    The number one best moment for me was Regis showing up alive. He's far and away my favorite book character, and he's the perfect friend for closing out the series.
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    Am I the only one who is reminded of Lucasarts adventures such as Loom and monkey island when playing Witcher 3 and it's expansion (possible spoilers)

    There was one "fistfight" in Toussaint that reminded me of the sharp-tongued Monkey Island duels. Off the top of my head no other Monkey Island vibes come to mind- but I'd be curious what else people might have seen.
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    Real world locations that probably need some witchers work

    Louisiana could definitely use some witchers, I'm pretty sure the Dagon cult of Vodyanoi is in there somewhere. They also have "basilisks" in case any sorceress friends need new shoes: And of course these things:
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    What disappointed you about this game?

    Witcher 3 has an appalling lack of Zeugls to fight!
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    Played, again?

    Yes, I did almost exactly that- played W2>>read the books>> played W1>>W2>>W3. Actually when I joined the forums here I read the books a second time! What makes the Witcher world so special is the depth provided by 11 stories (8 books, 3 games).
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    "Something ends, something begins..." What were your best moments from The Witcher 3?

    So speaking of something beginning... I just started another Witcher 1 playthrough- RIP Leo! I think I have a witcher problem.... And while revisiting W1, I found "Sad Albert" in the basement and... well, look closely :'(
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    Saskia' Rebellion End Goals

    Saskia was a champion of the peasants/common folk, so she would probably start with some land redistribution. Lands formerly held by the Aedirnian crown and major nobles would be handed over to the tenant farmers who actually worked the land. She would also probably establish a council of...
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    Story,game and books.**(SPOILERS)**

    Interesting! Yes, I was using the English fan translation, so maybe that is causing some problems.
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    Story,game and books.**(SPOILERS)**

    Took me a while to find it- in Tower of the Swallow, when Geralt is interviewed by the governor of Riedbrune. ‘I will not ask who you are, where you come from, or where and why you are travelling. I will not ask why you speak Nilfgaardian with a barely perceptible accent or why dogs and horses...
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    Ciri Fan Art Thread

    Not sure if here is the right thread for it, but this appeared on Reddit today from user TheANARXIST:
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    Yen Or Triss?

    The trouble with W3 is most of Triss's character development has already happened in W1 and W2. The most important moment for her relationship with Geralt is in the Nilfgaardian dungeon in W2 (and if we're worrying about canon, Geralt would never give a damn about Saskia or Anais while Triss is...
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    Triss Merigold of Maribor (All Spoilers) Resurgence

    When you get to Lady of the Lake Triss says something about that that to Nenneke, but even back in Baptism of Fire when Yen arrives at the Lodge, there is always someone hovering over Triss's shoulder to keep an eye on her. Sapkowski does a great job with the sections told from Triss's...
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