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  1. Paszkowski

    Police pistol long range accuracy

    I wonder if this isn't some game police system exploit, that officers can shoot from extremely far distances with a pistol while having still a good accuracy (ca. 70%). Yesterday I got to 5 stars and ended up hiding in a marina near this luxury yacht, but the officers kept shooting at me...
  2. Paszkowski

    [bug] Cyberware change at max cyber points

    On this screen I have all top tier cyberwares, including Gorrilla firefists at arms (RAMIONA) slot. Points used in max 320/321. I was trying to change a slotted firefists to some other cyberware because all of them cost the same 8 points. But something went wrong (no idea what) and game did not...
  3. Paszkowski

    Mistakes in short messages

    Someone is not verifying message texts. Minor mistake, but a good proofreader would catch it in a second. With such a huge budget this game has, mistakes such as this should never happen. [...] KYLE HARPER (correct one) KYLER HARPER (4-th line) KYLE HAPRE (last line)
  4. Paszkowski

    Fps drop after opening / closing a menu or talking to a NPC

    Same here, FPS drop in time like memory leak. I see the effect also with Arasaka Senkoh LX (submachine pistol). When using it after few hours game play, it's impressive burst fire rate lowers FPS so much that closing game to desktop and starting again is the only solution.
  5. Paszkowski

    Casino Roulette - The All or Nothing Round

    This section of forum is Technical, people are invited to report here their problems. Why you even post here, if you don't care. You are a multimillionaire. Have you bragged about that already elsewhere and now came here? I bet you are fantastic. My V is also a millionaire as you can see on...
  6. Paszkowski

    Casino Roulette - The All or Nothing Round

    Ok so I get +80,000 for expenses from Alex. -I buy 100 tokens for 100,000 (+20,000 off my wallet) -I play, some round I loose another I gain, I end up with 90,000 on electronic counter. -I win with the twins, but at the cashier I have and can only exchange back the amount of 100 chips I bought...
  7. Paszkowski

    Casino Roulette - The All or Nothing Round

    I think roulette in Black Sapphire Hotel quest is bugged. I won the all for nothing round with the Cassel Twins, while betting reds with my remaining 90,000. When quest was completed I went to monetize my tokens, but I could only sell 100 tokens for 100,000 €$ - the same amount I spent for the...
  8. Paszkowski

    Kolac and Nowaki guns, are they still in the game?

    Nowaki should be dropping everywhere in the game, I guess it's connected with name of this weapon. According to Wikipedia, Nowak is a most commonly used surname in Poland, native country to CDPR. We have over 200,000 registered Nowak's, the second is Kowalski :). Nowaki in Polish means more or...
  9. Paszkowski

    [BUG] quest with Leon Rinder

    In a contract: a man who killed Jason Foreman, when I completed the quest, killed the boss, but let Rinder live, I was rewarded., but moment later I changed decision and shot Rinder's to head. He instantly died, was laying on bed. Then I went to lower floor of this building, killed a few...
  10. Paszkowski

    Issues with diving suit

    Something is fishy with this suit. Initially I had armor maxed out to 1500 I put on diving suit, which make the camo armor apparel, and other apparel slotted, all hidden. Then I remove diving suit with clicking RMB on thumbnail No longer a diving suit, but also I do not see initial camo...
  11. Paszkowski

    Several issues with Cyberpunk 2 decisions made by the devs

    3. I agree, that some Iconics are better some are not. Example for better - Comrade's Hammer (1 shot explosive rounds revolver) and it's sister Laika (2 shots explosive rounds revolver, dmg cut by half but even more deady from CH). I think they are best 1H firearm in game, especially Laika...
  12. Paszkowski

    NCPD officer smeared in the air

    I had this interesting effect yesterday in a fight, I shot a guy with Metel (revolver) and saw him smearing on the screen, from a street level up to the ceiling where he vanished. The kind of triangle blurred texture on screen marks it's path. The effect lasted maybe half a second but left this...
  13. Paszkowski

    Please exstinguish that car and beggar nearby

    It keeps burning, and hovering upside down, whenever I drive to that place. Glen, Heywood - as pointed on map. The suffering beggar's laments are unbearable. Thank you.
  14. Paszkowski

    Trauma drama is way too hard

    It would have much more sense if we as players had the chance to meet/plug in to some mutlplayer bar in game, where we could drink a bear while playing chess or card game with friends or make new ones. Pushing for the Roach Race, a mini game from another fantasy world not related with Cyberpunk...
  15. Paszkowski

    [BUG] Cyberware missing after NEVER FADE AWAY quest

    My V also was loosing cyberwares after certain quests but I can't point to any specific situations. The cyberware were just disappearing randomly, and yes were also missing from skeleton and arms, I had to visit ripperdock to install them back.
  16. Paszkowski

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    I hope next patch to see cyberware upgrade to V++ costing at least 10x less than actually 75-200 gold mats per upgrade. Either increase the stats we get in return, or make the upgrade to V++ worth the payment in gold and mats.
  17. Paszkowski

    Car Heist gigs El Capitan

    I will add to the complain a situation, that when I almost reach destination, sometimes the place turns into red area and I'm told to lose the npcs following me. Game doesn't see there is nobody after me. The NPC that are supposed to attack me, drive away from target destination not attacking...
  18. Paszkowski

    Cars without fuel filler

    So far I noticed only Kaukaz (big truck) without a visible fuel filler. Or I didn't yet find a proper spot. Also I could not find it in special ops police truck (with rocket launcher). Are there more cars without fuel filler? This moment... when you realize that a single precise shot into fuel...
  19. Paszkowski

    What should Cyberpunk 2 (20xx) contain?

    New CP should contain no references to Catholic Cross and faith in general (and any other religion from real life). Now the game depicts Catholic Cross in a lots of different, but mostly wicked or even fetish manners. Personally I am shocked that CDP allowed in final game the posters depicting...
  20. Paszkowski

    Become Dogtown's most wanted criminal (achievement)

    Maybe that is the point, in my game main quest in Dogtown has only started. Sitting an security car with rocket launcher, in a place as screenshot, I was destroying more and more enemy cars approaching, but no MaxTac arrived, after some time 5 stars reset. :rolleyes: .
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