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    How Many Hours you have in the game?

    I tend to slow-play games, but that said-- I'm REALLY savouring this one apparently. Ingame counter tells me I'm pushing 4 days. My next main story task has me leaving the Witcher stronghold at level 25, and my Skellig map is basically untouched as far as POI is concerned. Probably finished...
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    Miscellaneous questions

    Portals-- if memory serves me right.
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    Can't use crossbow

    That is odd. I'm playing on the same difficulty, and I've had no problems going off hunting deer with it. I'd double check and make sure its not damaged, or that somehow your keybinds got jacked up.
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Well, no idea if something was missing or what but Galaxy decided to download another 750MBs when I ran that to verify and update. Clicked play, and instead of actually launching I get a windows error message that Witcher 3 crashed haha. Off with a bang I say. Whatever, I'll sort it out.
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Ok I've still got nothing... Downloaded the English patch, from the web manually. It verified, installed fine, and yet I'm still seeing the wait til May 19th message. Am I missing something glaringly obvious?
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    Witcher 3 Anticipation Thread (Group Therapy)

    Oh the downloads... RAWR!
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    Where did you pre-load your Witcher 3

    Yup, what andy said for me too. Moved the compressed folder to the home server for easy access if I ever need it later
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    Unofficial FAQ for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Yes in that very stream, when he started the game it gave him the option to import a save. He scrolled through and chose the appropriate save file from his game library and that was that. Game on.
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    The Witcher 3 PC Ultra vs. Ps4 - no difference, downgraded

    Discussed at pretty good length here:
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    The Witcher 3 PC Ultra vs. Ps4 - no difference, downgraded

    Not going to link it, just look over the last few pages for the confirmation that you're looking for. Its not "out" but it has supposedly been delivered to reviewers for the purpose of reviewing the product. And yes, they have the blessing of CDPR to do so. Edit: My apologies. All these threads...
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    Twitch Stream PC version with patch!

    Ok so we know they're running on a 980 at ultra. In that last interior shot a moment ago, it certainly appeared that Hairworks was enabled, even if just temporarily since someone said earlier that they had turned it off for performance reasons. Sadly my German is, well nonexistant-- so my...
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    The Witcher 3 PC Ultra vs. Ps4 - no difference, downgraded

    ...yet. These threads really are getting old. Even from a neutral standpoint. It used to be lime watching a train wreck, where you just couldn't look away. Now its just sad. Either let em be (unless of course personal attacks start flying) or remove them on sight. As for the combatents: You...
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    TW3: freeplay

    Yeah you've outed me-- I never finished skyrim haha. I'm not saying its a fault of game design, its just my personal connection to various gameplays. I'm sure there are games that have got it right, but none come to mind from my personal experience. For example FF... IVXMVII... or whatever. You...
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    TW3: freeplay

    This is one of those things that's kind of unavoidable in open games like this: Of course we all just want to keep playing and playing and playing. But there are so many cases where I complete a game and continue to wander the world doing my own thing, and it just doesn't sit right-- sort of...
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    Unofficial FAQ for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Without getting spoilery, the short answer is no-- it does not appear that you will "see" your choices if you go the manual import route. Though if its a straight PC to PC import, I believe if the files are in the appropriate place, and you select the option to use previous decisions at the...
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    How big?

    I for one agree. However, its exciting to have our cake and eat it too considering so many hands-on-youtubers and reviewers have praised the CONTENT of the large world we're about to dive into. We'll find out if that is in fact true in due time.
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    PC specs and benchmarks DISCUSSION

    Holy crap man O.O There are a couple 4k videos on Ultra settings making the rounds that were recorded on (at least) 1Titan X (Im relying on google translate and youtube comments to gather that info on the second video). If you look closely in the upper right corner you'll see the fraps counter...
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    Tips for a gamer for Witcher 3 before the launch! SPOILER FREE!

    I believe in the last IGN live stream, a dev said there were no storage site. If I remember right the question was asked in a round about way regarding inns etc, and being able to rest to regen health store equipment etc. Now that I think about it, I may be confusing this with another stream...
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    Will the servers of GOG be able to handle the launch?

    Well quit sharing your zip file with all those pirates man! ;)
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    Will the servers of GOG be able to handle the launch?

    Easy now, eeeeeeasy hahaha. I laughed my way through that post, but lets play nice ok haha. I think maybe his sentiment can be summed up in the fact CD was kind of birthed out of piracy and therefor understand its existence and dynamics better than other developers.
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