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    Just started Fallout 4, What CP could have learned

    Personally I believe there's a bit of exaggeration going on. Choosing F4 to make the point, seeing as it was panned for much the same reasons, (buggy, not an rpg, lacking features etc) seems a little desperate.
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    Can I have my sex without lung cancer please? [possible spoiler for one romance scene]

    I'm gonna go back into the game and find something to be offended at. I think most things have been found already, but damnit, there must be something left.
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    If you could create an item, what would it be?

    A "Mark All As Read" option in the shards menu. Ability to pan out on the minimap so you can see more of the map.
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    Happy new year.

    Yeah same here, I also hear police sirens going off. Haha, rather them than me. Oh yeah HNY :cool: bye 2020, it was dope....
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    If you could create an item, what would it be?

    I'm pretty sure there is a cyberware leg mod like that. The guy you and Judy work over sells it if you go back to him later on. It gives silent movement, and something else, can't remember now. Guess I have just the boring request, more clothing. Balaclavas, (that cover the whole face, corpos...
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    Precisely why I said it's never a good idea to give out too much info. People will hang onto it, expect it, then crucify you when you fail to deliver it. Same with release dates, it's a lesson never learned. As to your own expectations, well like you said who's fault is that?
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    What is your favorite character in Cyberpunk 2077?

    Panam I think. I thought she would at first be at odds with your character constantly and would get on my nerves if there were a lot of missions from her. Well, I was wrong. It didn't take long for the ice to melt and she completely had your back and I ended up thinking how trustworthy she became.
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    Am I the only one that thinks in game sounds are...bad?

    Yeah, I have to agree. Particularly the Avenger, and the Dukes of Hazard type 66, the revs sound, I dunno, robotic? They don't flow like they should. Sorry not being a car person, the proper words escape me. If you've heard them then you should know what I mean. The Nomad type 66 sounds great...
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    Male V vs Female V?

    I have to wonder what it must be like for Johnny to appear in the body of a woman. And eventually, given the right player choices, become a woman.
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    Those fingers are reaaaallly long. Edit: I agree with your sentiment though, sometimes I think if people want something from someone else, then they're going to be at least a little bit disappointed. A sign of the times with films and games in particular? I dunno what it is, people expect too...
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    Where is the fauna?

    Was that a Matrix easter egg? I remember going up a flight of stairs and there was a black cat on each floor in the same spot just on the next level. Either that or I'm trippin' balls.
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    I like this game.

    Same. Bugs are there but they haven't stopped me enjoying it. None have become so bad they've prevented me from progressing. I feel sorry for those that have.
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    Do you think the MP will turn into a cash cow for CDPR?

    I don't think it needs it and I never play MP, but, it's their game so there's not a lot anyone can do about it. Just as long as it doesn't get in the way of single player I couldn't care less. Having said that the only thing is the time and resources needed for MP could be better spent on a...
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    Stealth in this game is ridiculously bad

    As for reactivating, I think there are perks that turn them off via breach protocol used on enemies. Only thing is rank turns them off for 3 minutes, another rank for 6, after which they come back on. Maybe that has something to do with it by using breach *after* you've turned them off by...
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    Stealth in this game is ridiculously bad

    I don't think so. I use a katana and there's no sneak kill animation with it (although it's not exactly a sneak weapon) Same thing I think, though it might depend on how many are around the victim. Lone targets may be ok. Don't bother with throwing knives, tried it once and two things stood out...
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    Stealth in this game is ridiculously bad

    My issue is bodies being discovered that simply weren't in any enemies view. Behind walls, doors, doesn't matter. Also I have been spotted through walls as well, doesn't happen often but it does happen. Though it's by cameras mostly.
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    Male V vs Female V?

    Gotta say they both started to grate on my nerves after a while. And I'm not seeing why one was better than the other, both were about the same for effort and quality. Personally (and this is just my opinion) in games where you can build your character differently each time I don't think there...
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    Does Cyberpunk 2077 really deserve to be on the worst games of the year list?

    Not really no. Plus I think dear 'ol Jimbo is nothing but a viewer pleasing sensationalist. One minute he'll praise something but as soon as a company F's up and everyone piles in like gamers are want to do, he'll turn on them.
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    Too much Johnny

    Don't mind him, although his dialogue is kinda slow at times, makes him sound like he's drunk or he's having trouble wrapping his tongue around the lines. Still it doesn't bother me. I think he talks more in this game than any film he's ever done. I'm more annoyed at the fact that there seems...
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    How many DLC or expansion this game will have ?

    I heard there was a lawsuit starting. I just hope it has no effect on further development, particularly DLC's.
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