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  1. Cybernovice

    Mentioned but missing features list

    Reading through everyone's list truly makes me sad. No way 10% of what has been asked on this thread will be in game 12 months from now. Not 10%. It will take until March to get the game actually stabilized on last gen and PC. I doubt we see PS5 and Series X versions before August. And maybe...
  2. Cybernovice

    Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Pro Crash Issues

    I have PS5 version and you are correct. The game crashes constantly... also frustrated at the lack of ability to choose a quality mode over the locked in performance mode at 60 fps that they got on series X. Had I been made aware of this upfront I would have purchased the Xbox version of the game.
  3. Cybernovice

    About refunds

    Does CPR have a direct support email? I purchased Playstation version but it's almost unplayable as it keeps crashing on my PS5. I also have a series X and would gladly accept a code for this version over returning my PS4 version. Can anyone help with a way to get in touch with CPR?
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