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    Is this game an rpg?

    I've been reading the responses and I really love the debate that is going on. Thank you all.
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    Just sharing my feelings about CyberPunk 2077

    AHHHH as I said above, how I envy people who could enjoy (and therefore compare) the witcher 3 because objectively it is an incredible game but it is not my type of games. I share that in reality the possibility of choosing in the game is poor.
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    Just sharing my feelings about CyberPunk 2077

    I hope I can play this again in a year and realize that it was just a matter of waiting but in the current state I can't keep looking the other way
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    Just sharing my feelings about CyberPunk 2077

    Yes, totally, I learned that lesson the worst way
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    Just sharing my feelings about CyberPunk 2077

    Well, I was not going to write about this but I need to share it with people who I think had love and hope for this game. I am a complicated person for games, not because I have a huge technical expectation (I spend a lot of time playing early access games made by 4 people) but because my tastes...
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    Dagger Dealer / Knife Throw - Can't retrieve?

    How is it possible that we have to ask for something so fundamental and common in other games at this point?
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    lethal/non lethal options need work

    I totally agree with what you say, what worries me is that they are details that are instantly noticeable I do not understand the criteria that were applied for some decisions in development
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    Sony refuses to give refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 citing upcoming patches will fix the game

    I bought the game by gog send the mail and I am still waiting for an answer, I hope they give me my money back because it is unplayable.
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    No Subway in Cyberpunk 2077

    I would even be grateful for a generic cut-scene with the city in the background while traveling by subway.
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    Lets Talk Immersion...

    Police with TP who is too lazy to run more than 2 blocks or drive.
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    Is this game an rpg?

    Hello, I had many discussions about it with many people and I wanted to know your opinion. I understand that the industry today tends more towards hybrids than pure genre games. Personally, I consider that it has rpg characteristics but is more focused on an action / looter sandbox.
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    Stealth kills with weapons.

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    Unbalanced Weapons and Overpowered Builds

    I do not think that the creativity of the player is a valid point as an excuse for something that is not balanced and it seems to be more laziness of the developers than anything else. A game should impose the need to be creative to face a challenge, there should be an evolutionary curve while...
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    Police wanted system broken

    The first time I broke the law in the game (I cut a fire extinguisher with the katana and the explosion killed a civilian LOL) I was in a place that could only be accessed through a window on the second floor practically doing parkour. At that moment I thought "I am safe now, it is impossible...
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    AI is too stupid to coexist with Nekomata sniper rifle

    I don't know if it's me but I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and was trying to go for a melee and hack build. I always start the fight thinking how to make an enemy blind, disable another's weapon and approach with the katana to kill those who do not have cc and then run and repeat similar...
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