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  1. .Vileblood.

    Why the person above you should be banned

    Banned for no good reason (yeah, i suck at it)
  2. .Vileblood.

    Why the person above you should be banned

    Banned because your hat is way cooler than mine
  3. .Vileblood.

    Hotfix 1.11 exploit is back?
  4. .Vileblood.

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    It took them two games to perfect the witcher formula, cp 2077 is their first ambitious project, also they did not have any experience with working on a game of that large scale with different setting and fpp, it was expected that the game might not satisfy people's desires, not to mention it's...
  5. .Vileblood.

    Favorite DLC from any game?

    Yeah, i think kicksin is more gear dependent, due to a lack of range and poor survivability it is difficult to keep going through hell, especially with -100 res.
  6. .Vileblood.

    Favorite DLC from any game?

    Have you played kicksin or trapsin? I find kicksin more interesting, even though trapsin is better imo
  7. .Vileblood.

    Favorite DLC from any game?

    Blizz is ded. When it was bought by Activision - it was all over... Btw. What is your favourite build? Mine is bonemancer. And fury druid.
  8. .Vileblood.

    How old were you when cybeprunk was announced? What has changed?

    I was, like... 13? I finished studying at school, then moved to another town, then finished college, then moved to another town...again. And now i'm 20, studying at university and nothing unordinady happens.
  9. .Vileblood.

    People might have missed this Q&A

    I'll give it a try: 1. Are there russian speaking characters in the game and references to russian culture? 2.Can u do ordinary stuff such as eating, sleeping, taking showers without quests attached to it? 3.How dence is NC's population, will it depend on time of day and plot events? 4.Can u...
  10. .Vileblood.

    Cyberpunk 2077 – PlayStation Gameplay

    Uhuh, right, a cherry on top of a piece of crap....
  11. .Vileblood.

    Cyberpunk 2077 – PlayStation Gameplay

    Didn't seem to help tlou2, tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. .Vileblood.

    Cyberpunk 2077 – PlayStation Gameplay

    It looks really good, even on the old-gen, i don't understand all the complaints. Why are ppl so obsessed with graphics these days?
  13. .Vileblood.

    Concerns About Keanu Reeves Voice Acting

    He has pretty OK'ish voice acting, imo. I'd give him 6.5-7/10
  14. .Vileblood.

    Is Johnny Silverhand gonna be in my mind 24/7?

    I guess, yes. Gives me PoP TTT vibes
  15. .Vileblood.

    Favorite DLC from any game?

    Diablo 2 LoD TW3 Dlc's Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches Titan Quest Immortal Throne Bloodborle The Old Hunters Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's Assault of The Dragon Keep Fallout New Vegas Dlc's
  16. .Vileblood.

    Which character background will you choose?

    Corpo, just because i want to see Johnny's reaction about being stuck in the head of a guy, who worked for a corp he hates so much
  17. .Vileblood.

    Does Cyberpunk 2077 support gyro aim on consoles?

    I see. Thete really is no match for mouse. I played on it the whole decade, i know. But when it comes to console shooting, gyro is amazing. You just need to give it more time, you wont even realize that you've become better at it
  18. .Vileblood.

    Favorite companion from any game?

    Damn. I wish i had that much free time
  19. .Vileblood.

    Favorite companion from any game?

    Forgot to mention HK-47. He's also one of my favourite
  20. .Vileblood.

    Favorite companion from any game?

    Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite And Darkling from The Darkness 2
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