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  1. Denzalt

    TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

    [Can the new Adrenaline ability highlight be made an optional setting?] Dear Pawel, I hope you and the people you care about are well. The new "highlight a adrenaline card when it's stronger" mechanic is ... okay. But I think a lot of us would very much appreciate it to be an optional thing-...
  2. Denzalt

    TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

    Dear Burza, I hope you are well and healthy, Patch 8.3 was a big hit and I'm really enjoying the meta. Bravo to you, Slama, and the whole team that's behind this. My question would be: Is there a chance that, in some of the future patches, we get to put any of the 3 stages of the Master...
  3. Denzalt

    8.3 Patch notes

    Thank you! I am so excited for this update! 1615216480 Why no buff to Garkain tho? :(
  4. Denzalt

    What's wrong with a viper head?

    It saddens and worries me that it's been 3 weeks and we STILL have no official statement on why the viper's head was removed from Gorthur Gvaed. And now we lost the freaking wine glass from Masquarade Ball's art. What's going on CDPR? Why are you silent? I know I am not the only one who is...
  5. Denzalt

    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    Hello everyone! I'm a new player and HUGE Witcher 3 fan. I have been playing Hearthstone for many, many years, and their corporate politics as of late, combined with their ever-worsening f2p experience, made me quit once and for all. I tried Gwent a few months ago, but quickly left it because...
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