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  1. angusmcnudel

    Photo Contest results are in!

    I had to look twice aswell at first hahaha
  2. angusmcnudel

    Photo Contest results are in!

    Congratulations ! They didnt have to be ranked imo. They are all beautiful.
  3. angusmcnudel

    The Joke Thread

    Two things dislike most. Forgetfulness
  4. angusmcnudel

    Poll: do we want to have the ability to reset (respec) stats? Let's find out what our consensus is!

    If you want your choices to matter then stick to the ones you have atleast.
  5. angusmcnudel

    What game are you currently playing

    CP2077 Satisfactory No Man's Sky Dyson Sphere Program Subnautica Spacehaven Pillars of eternity Stellaris Frostpunk In no particular order and time permitting
  6. angusmcnudel

    TV Program in CP2077

    Cool, i will pay more attention to those then. Thank you :)
  7. angusmcnudel

    What is your favorite character in Cyberpunk 2077?

    The guy with the malfunctioning cyber penis. A true adventurer who doesnt loose faith after a setback. Being casted for such a role in a story requires a special talented actor.
  8. angusmcnudel

    Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79% of its Players in the First Month

    That made me laugh :)
  9. angusmcnudel

    Your useless talent

    i can sneeze and fart in no particular order.
  10. angusmcnudel

    So How Are Your Playing Your 2nd Playthrough?

    First playthrough: Sniper keeping her temporary psycho "buddy" alive when clearing out gangs. Second playthrough: No cybernetics, no crafting, unarmed, sneaking Sob killing no one.
  11. angusmcnudel

    Thanks for making Cyberpunk 2077!

    I just finished my first playthrough and had tons of fun. Love the mix of cultures, the city and everything i had gone through. Proberbly impossible to believe but i have seen zip zero of any promotion of the game ever, so i had no pend up expectations. I had no clue what to do, how things work...
  12. angusmcnudel

    Braindance porn genuinely curious how people view this

    Hello Aedus Amaterasu, thank you for the reply. I am aware that there are laws for one thing and not for the other. A few huge countries ( big gaming markets ) have different laws for various things. Though while for some markets the products get adjusted for said market, it seems the same wont...
  13. angusmcnudel

    Braindance porn genuinely curious how people view this

    You can choose to go carnage on people or incapacitate them by "setting them on fire" for instance. You should be able to choose to see them titties or not if you so desire. You can watch porn on the internet, but you can also go watch any combat movie there. Going full Saw on others is...
  14. angusmcnudel

    Can't see jack shit while draving 1st person

    That is why i stick to this little lunchbox. Great FOV. Due to it's amazing topspeed of 118 kph it's easier to not miss a turn. And my favorite part, after slaughtering, dismembering, burning a gang, walking back to the road and calling my ride this lunchbox pulls up going "meep meep". Cracks...
  15. angusmcnudel

    I am having fun. Are you?

    I am having a blast. Lots of "oops!" moments and laughter.
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