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    Hope this is a post endings content Looks like there is too much story content for a pre-ending expansion. Here in the pics we can see the same effect of Keanu on another female character
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    after six months there are still three type of person: 1) the one who believes that V is Dead 2) the one who believes V is dying (true fact) but in the two dlc we'll se a new outcomes 3)the one who believes this game is Soma lol Choose one
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    Time to revive this thread
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    When will the game be finished?

  5. Solidus2kill

    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    so we are in the second half of march *heavy breathing*
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    Sony Sounds Bitter About the Cyberpunk 2077 Debacle "Cyberpunk 2077’s disastrous PlayStation 4 launch is well documented, and Sony still sounds bitter about it. The game was ultimately removed from the PlayStation Store, where it’s remained absent for...
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    What's next for Cyberpunk?

    1.2 update free dlcs new updates first expansion update second expansion
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    Gta vs cyberpunk

    Totally silly comparison
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    In any case this is THE Pondsmith's view of a Cyberpunk world, and I say world not "story" or "narrative". Enough with "this is not like Blade Runner" or "cyberpunk have to be sad and hopeless" because this isn't even the case (and it's kinda annoying). CP77 is a little story in a big world...
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    [BUG] Blood Pump won't work with any Arm Cybernetics installed

    15/02/2021 problem still here
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Oh well this thread went too far
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    This game should be labelled as early access

    this game should have been a "pc/next gen console game" labelled as early access
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    Maybe the first one of the expansions, fall 2021. "Free Dlcs" are near, next months
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    Should CD Projektred add new & missing features that are exclusive to PC & Current gen consoles?

    Definitely Dragon Age Inquisition for ps3/x360 has no dlc (and it was a good thing).
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    New Game+ ? For now if are on pc you can use this Respector A Cyberpunk 2077 mod for managing player builds in the form of spec files containing player experience, attributes, skills, perks, and equipment, with useful extra features. New Game Plus —...
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    Is this game an rpg?

    nop it's a puzzle game
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    enough with this silly thing please
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    Luckily 1613149924 I really hope that all the Johnny's arc is a prologue for something different (and bigger) that pushes V into new "adventures", the world asset is very clear now: -Saburo in Yorinbu's Body , Saburo head of arasaka -Hanako Head of Arasaka but Saburo can still return in a same...
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    this looks like a cut private garage or maybe a sewer entrance (or metro)
  20. Solidus2kill

    Cut content still in the game

    anyone noticed this?
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