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  1. betraymechino

    Vote against NG in the Balance Council

    Just play better. Then NG won't be a problem for you, and you'll be happier.
  2. betraymechino

    Balance Council - Share your picks for Oct-Nov Season

    Sadly, have to focus mostly on fixing bad votes in previous voting
  3. betraymechino

    Balance Council - Share your picks for Oct-Nov Season

    Yes, I actually forgot to mention that. And that is for two reasons: 1. 2-3 power difference (in case of Alba Armored Cavalry even 4 points, before AAC nerf) already is a bigger cost than order on Scout. 2. NR has numerous options to give zeal (even beside the leader). The same way I also forgot...
  4. betraymechino

    Balance Council - Share your picks for Oct-Nov Season

    The difference is that Slave Driver plays a 1-power copy of the unit, while Reaver Scout plays a full-health copy of the unit. That's already a 2-3 power difference. Add to that the fact that NR can play a lot more Reaver Scouts than NG can play Slave Drivers and it's clearly visible, both...
  5. betraymechino

    Wydarzenie Saovine usunęło mi zadania z cyklu.

    Na szczęście nie. Acz te paczki z beczką i kartą mają nowe tytuły (potrzebne do ukończenia kontraktu).
  6. betraymechino

    No pre order bonus for phantom liberty

    Nope, no message on neither phone nor PC.
  7. betraymechino

    No pre order bonus for phantom liberty

    I'm on GOG and also haven't received it, so it's not exclusive to Xbox.
  8. betraymechino

    Patch Notes 11.9

    Boosting when moved is obviously a bug, but boosting when transforming is not a bug, when unit is transformed it "enters" the battlefield, though "appears" would be a better word for the tooltip.
  9. betraymechino

    Heritage Reveal Schedule

    Oh how I wish that was true
  10. betraymechino

    Heritage Reveal Schedule

    Remember when double Waters were a problem? :giveup:
  11. betraymechino

    [FAQ] Gwint: błędy, pytania, porady - "gracze pytają, Lexor odpowiada"

    Sam rewers działa, tylko czasem z opóźnieniem nalicza.
  12. betraymechino

    Autumn Cycle Quests Unavailable?

    It's not a holiday in Poland thankfully.
  13. betraymechino

    Autumn Cycle "Easy" Quest Is Quite Hard

    At least you're getting quests :shrug:
  14. betraymechino

    Autumn Cycle Quests Unavailable?

    Everyone is having this issue. Hopefully on monday it'll get fixed.
  15. betraymechino

    (Another) Yaruga Event?

  16. betraymechino

    Bug with traps

    No bug there. Read what Spring keyword does.
  17. betraymechino

    Patch Notes 11.6

    This is a change made to simplify Cargo's tooltip as well as fix interaction with spies. And no, you can't use all 3 Cargos on one card, because if you try to replay a doomed unit, it'll get banished. What you can do however, is play Verno on the back row and then replay her on the front row.
  18. betraymechino

    Ciągnąć za sznurki. Błędne działanie karty?

    Tak, Łowcy Czarownic nie są gangiem.
  19. betraymechino

    Patch Notes 11.4

    There are two - Blue Mountain Elite and Wardancer.
  20. betraymechino

    Claw and Dagger Card Reveals

    Prepared does nothing. It's not a keyword but a category, like soldier, bandit or agent. It's there to make using Cargo on the same units multiple times a bit harder.
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