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  1. Sync-86

    Cyberpunk 2077 has a canonical ending?

    Or they do it like this. Seriously, in Mass Effect 1 and 2 tons of characters can die, including the entirety of your crew from ME2, your decisions can have huge ramifications on the galaxy, and the way they deal with it is by accounting for your choices across games.
  2. Sync-86

    Is V the worst dancer ever?

    Its hard to look like a good dancer when you're just a camera with hands.
  3. Sync-86

    Project Orion Wishlist

    1- Continue V's story as the protagonist and gives us proper closure. 2- Save imports like they did with the Witcher games, turning decisions and endings into lifepath intros and background customization options.
  4. Sync-86

    Morgan Blackhand (Mysterious and Legendary Solo)

    You mean Hands? He's an ex-Petrochem exec.
  5. Sync-86

    Please, CDPR; Make a full game Editor for its future

    Given they're moving away from RedEngine, giving modders a way to add new content, whether its via level design, world edits and through new story content via gigs and side jobs would be huge for the longevity of the game. Night City has so many places that we could use to tell new little side...
  6. Sync-86

    Is there a happy ending?

    The game doesn't necessarily need happy endings. That said, Cyberpunk as a genre is also not always bleak and nihilistic with its outcomes. The world may be soul crushing, but sometimes victory is eking out a sliver of humanity and hope amidst a crushing reality. Its not a hardcoded rule as...
  7. Sync-86

    What is the main point of the metro system?

    Love stuff like this. Diegetic in world transportation helps make the world more immersive and believable.
  8. Sync-86

    Cyberpunk 2077 has a canonical ending?

    I heard it will be a direct sequel according to their investor call, while the Witcher is being referred to as a new story. Pre-77 prequels are out of the question due to their contract with Pondsmith, and too much build up happens in 77 for a sequel to take place too far removed from it. So...
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