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    My suddenly revised thoughts on Yennefer vs. Triss

    I think there is always going to be arguments for and against which particular woman is right for Geralt, i mean i imagine some of us project what we want to find in a partner when playing the game and making the choice......i was Team Triss before, now i think what Geralt wants most is someone...
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    Shani screenshot thread

    \ I have a friend who once tried to imitate Geralt by acting serious and sarcastic and by talking in a very deep voice.....he didn't have as much luck with the ladies as Geralt did :) anyway......
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    Shani screenshot thread

    Grumpy old Geralt and Shani having fun lol
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    Why Ciri could be the Witcher 4 protagonist (MEGA SPOILERS)

    I think the problem with Ciri being the main protagonist in the next Witcher game is that, the players would have to be on board with playing as her for the entire game - and assuming that the next game is open world and as big as the Witcher 3 then you are looking at around a 50 hours main...
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    Viper Armor diagrams (PS4)

    I am pretty sure that the open sesame quest is the only way to get the armor diagrams at the moment and you can't go back there after (online guides seem to suggest the same thing), so it may be that you have to start the expansion again to get them.....but it may be possible in the future that...
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    Which ending(s) did you choose and why?

    Well my endings on my first playthrough don't seem much different from the majority of people on this forum but anyway.... 1. Killed the tree spirit (seemed the better choice) 2. Keira + Lambert together (good couple) 3. Cerys in charge of Skellige (she is smart and independent and i imagine...
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    Shani Fan Art Thread (By Sayuri Cobain) Well i miss her already..........
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    [SPOILERS] What's your opinion on Hearts of Stone?

    I ended up enjoying the expansion more than the main game itself. If I had to choose my 2015 game of the year, I would pick this expansion lol, but seriously it was an incredible joy to play through the ten or so hours that was packed with an amazing storyline that in my opinion hit the right...
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    What choices did you make in HoS? (major end-game spoilers)

    I know I am late to this discussion but just wanted to add my two cents. I saved Olgierd mainly because I was a bit sympathetic to his character despite arguably being a character that Geralt at first wouldn’t have much of a problem of killing or letting him be killed. The main reasons to save...
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    Triss Merigold (all spoilers)

    Works for me just fine, just have to click on them.....anyway nice pics.
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    Triss Merigold (all spoilers)

    Yeah scene was almost perfectly done......actually on the funny side i was expecting Triss to turn around and say "Nah just joking, of course i will stay"......but seriously you could tell Triss was in two minds at that moment, almost had to make that decision in a split second, and then the...
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    Triss Merigold (all spoilers)

    She cares for Geralt and Geralt can see it, if it was real life then i think he can forgive over time (if he feels he needs to forgive in the first place), and we see that through the Triss romance, he sees a future with her, and effectively she is his present and future.....past is past.. Some...
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    Triss Fan Art Thread Geralt: Ok Triss, you get 10 points for the chest, 20 points for the head and 50 points for the ummm 'lower region'! Triss: Too easy Geralt: That was too painful to watch Triss: Now you know, don't mess with me Geralt: Uhh well at least you won't do that to me...
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    After completing te witcher 3 completely

    Usually i just go around fighting whatever i can, playing gwent non-stop (even though i feel it is too easy after finishing the game) or i just walk around and see all the beautiful environments.....and usually there is always something i missed. Then again, when there is nothing left, i just...
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    Triss Fan Art Thread
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    13th DLC - "Where The Cat And Wolf Play"

    Yeah i agree, usually i will only have Geralt fight back in self-defense because the enemy attacked him first, and killing the witch hunters...well i had no problems/regrets with that. I hope i didn't spoil the succubus contract for you if you haven't done it yet, but there are a lot of these...
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    13th DLC - "Where The Cat And Wolf Play"

    In my playthrough, i let him go, i took my time with that option simply because it was definitely one of the tougher choices i went through with. Personally though, i didn't feel like Geralt should judge him unfairly to what seemed like a natural reaction because he risked his life to help the...
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    Video showing Lambert's --SPOILER-- wanted.

    True, i for one didn't even know he could die until this thread was created, i wouldn't like to see him die but i get the feeling that his death would affect me more than say Vesemirs death.....Lambert was annoying at times but i kind of liked him the more i saw of him.
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