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  1. thewarsend

    Witcher 1 in RedKit

    So it would be fine if I or someone else takes over the project? That's very kind of you. Thank you.
  2. thewarsend

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next-gen cover

    Sigh... Why not update Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 as well? Those are the games that actually need it. A trilogy remaster is what we need. You ignore those games because you forgot your roots CDPR.
  3. thewarsend

    Witcher 1 in RedKit

    I haven't been very active in years so I somehow failed to notice this before. I have to say I am very impressed! I have been wishing for something like this for ages. (I actually tried doing it myself, but I am not great with REDkit and I am terrible at terrain generation.) Are you still...
  4. thewarsend

    Patch 1.23

    It does't look like they have adressed any of the bugs I reported. Some of these bugs I reported when the game first came out! Why do I even bother?
  5. thewarsend

    1.3 hype train

    Right.. What about my needs? I am still waiting on that batmobile you promised me. Joking aside, I am excited about 1.3, I have been waiting for what seems like ages. I had to stop myself from playing, because more I play more bugs I notice and I don't want to reach those horrible endings, at...
  6. thewarsend

    [POLL] Getting around in Night City

    I am sorry but that's a BS argument. CP77 is based on the tabletop game by Mike Pondsmith and in CP2020 odds of survival was never zero. In CP77 choices make very little difference and all paths lead to the same extremely predictable result, probably because the writer thought his shallow...
  7. thewarsend

    [Ankieta] Jak poruszasz się po mieście?

    To dla mnie trudny basen. Po prostu nie mogę wybrać. Z jednej strony lubię jeździć na motocyklach, ale
  8. thewarsend

    [POLL] Getting around in Night City

    This is a difficult pool for me. I just can't choose. On one hand I like driving motorcycles, but
  9. thewarsend

    My biggest bother of this game [Spoilers]

    You guys seem to be forgetting CDPR themselves used to refer to Cyberpunk 2077 as a roleplaying game. The fact that at some point they sneakily changed the description on the page means absolutely nothing. It was advertised as an RPG and that fact remains.
  10. thewarsend

    Weapon damage bug

    I also have this issue, but instead of showing half the damage on the craft screen, it shows around 300 damage, even though the crafted weapon should have around 2000 damage. Also the description of it says "TECH - Can be charged to release a powerful shot." but since it is a single shot weapon...
  11. thewarsend

    My biggest bother of this game [Spoilers]

    What bothers me the most about the game is the false sense of urgency. It just sucks the life out of the game. Main character is dying, he is really short on time, but you are supposed to ignore that, do crazy quests and have fun. It throws any sense of urgency and immersion out of the window...
  12. thewarsend

    Cyberpunk in numbers

    Do you know WHY this number is so low? Hmmm? Because many of us are still waiting for the next patch. You know, the patch that will restore the cut content, correct the story and fix everything. As time goes on, many of us starting to lose hope this will ever come to pass, so that number might...
  13. thewarsend

    Patch 1.2 — list of changes

    This is more like it. You should enable Ray Tracing for GTX cards as well. They support it and performance is irrelevant while taking screenshots.
  14. thewarsend

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    I am not expecting huge changes to the story, stuff I am getting at are things they should fix with patches. Also they can restore cut content without turning it into DLC. In fact, if they turned it into DLC, it would just feel cheap. Also, the quality of the story is just as important as the...
  15. thewarsend

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    Gregski, people can read, this is not helping. People keep stating the same thing, because if these highlights are cream of the crop, rest is bound to be disappointing also. You know me, I am not trying to be negative here, it is just that this topic is worrying. I really would like to be able...
  16. thewarsend

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    I have to be candid with you. While that was interesting to read, changes you listed are disappointing at best. Were these really the only changes worth highlighting? Wasn't this supposed to be a huge patch that would solve majority of our problems with the game? I was under that impression at...
  17. thewarsend

    Dev Appreciation Thread

    I am still enjoying it, but I decided to wait for the next patch before continuing my playtrough. It is simply too buggy and unstable at the moment to properly enjoy it. Not to mention I do not wish to progress in the main quest knowing all endings suck. So I will wait as long as I can before...
  18. thewarsend

    Randomic Side Quest Generator Missions

    Personally, I hate radiant quests, so I would say this is a terrible idea.
  19. thewarsend


    Look, I understand why you are upset. I honestly do. But have some faith. They never failed this community before and we have no reason to believe they will now. They made a mistake, it was bound to happen one day or another. Lets give them some time fix things before throwing accusations left...
  20. thewarsend

    #Shutterpunk2077 — Cyberpunk 2077 Photo Mode Contest

    My entry... I have to say, rules are pretty limiting and photo mode has a way of fighting me. After spending an hour this was the best result I could get. There is no way I will win this, but at least I had fun.
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