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    Level Editor

    Level Editor Is there any hope that after BaW expansion we will get a level Editor. Or is there a possibility to convince CDPR? It would be such a shame to shorten the games file cycle by not prowiding this king of tools. Skyrim is still alive thanks to this! (see Enderal Mod).
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    Wiedźmin 3 - Krew i Wino [spekulacje, domysły]

    Ja wciąż mam nadzieję na system wspinania się na potwory jak w shadow of the collosus
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    Full Combat Rebalance 2

    Wrażenia pozytywne ale testowałem tylko arenę. Przede wszystkim przeczytaj notaki które autor zamieścił na nexusie. Bo możesz jak ja nie ogarnąć, że blok działa tylko tuż przed atakiem itp.. Możliwe, że mod powoduje wywalenia do pulpitu tyle że grałem w wieśka w okienku windowsa. Najwazniejszym...
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    Full Combat Rebalance 2 Polecam ogarnąć master witcher redux. Jest oparty na FCRze. Wymaga trochę przystosowania ale warto.
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    [W1][mod] Full Combat Rebalance v1.6

    Dzieki wielkie!
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    [W1][mod] Full Combat Rebalance v1.6

    Gdzie można ściągnąć mod z adayenne i fx'a? A poprawione pochwy to z jakiego moda? Powrotu białego wilka?
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    Wiedźmin 3: potwory

    sebogothic Ficzer o którym mówisz obejmował tylko animacje zjadania martwych ciał przez dzikie zwierzęta które się na napatoczyły na przykład goniąc głownego bohatera. Same zwieręta trzymają się ciągle swoich miejscówek i waypointów. To co Redzi obiecywali z tego co tu czytam rzeczywiście...
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    Act 3 Bug - Can't rescue Alvin from kidnappers because doors locked

    Had the same. Sadlly I had to back track all the way to the begining of the third chapter.
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    The Witcher 3 "Enhanced Edition" Modular Overhaul Closed Beta!

    If you would aslo ad a bandana for Geralt at the barber then my life would be complete.
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    Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon - Serca z Kamienia Pogadanka

    Cóż w sumie nie wrzucają ich na siłę i ich obecność ma jakiś kontekst w świecie wiedźminlandu. Więc i wilk syty i owca cała. ( chodzi o artykuł poligona)
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    Masa ciekawych rzeczy w plikach gry

    Da się to wyeksportować? Brzmi ciekawie.
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    Preparations mod

    Can you make a toxicity bar in the inventory or at toxicity count? It would be much easier to manage potion usage thanks to that.
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    Broken combat & levelling balance nearly ruins this game...

    Sadly only the combat is better compared to the rest of the series. The main quest line is a search story wich ends with a fight with a caracter that was more fleshed out i the witcher 2 (you really felt dread and resect for Eredin and the riders) despite the fact that he's only shown in...
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    Will Hearts of Stone have real Monster Bosses?

    If you HAVE To have giant monsters then add the dragons dogma climbing system first.
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    Why the main narrative in the last third of the game is a bad hot mess [major spoilers!!!]

    Ok so Inwill also add my 50 cents to the discussion. The biggest problem with the ending is that it totally lacks any connection to your choices in the rest of the game for example the decision made in the "Ladies of the woods" quest there is no LONG TERM consequence to your action when there...
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    Petition for the "Enhanced edition" aka Legacy for the ages

    Hmm actually if CDPR would release a big quest pack for the old locations ( example from your post - seriously what the heck happened to the beggar king?). My biggest problem is that Dijkstra one of my favorite characters went apeshit at the end which was completly out character. Besides what...
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    Petition for the "Enhanced edition" aka Legacy for the ages

    Maybe I'm overly cynical but is it a good idea to tell CDPR that they can count on a buck just by fixing issues that should have been fixed prior to release. I still love the company though.
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    Will the MODKit eventually become an "editor" like REDKit?

    Fo only I find it obvious that they will release the editot after the expansions? Do you seriously think that they would bother to release a tool only able to rebalance combat and retexture?
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now with the mod support

    Oh and talking about assumptions. Do you really think that the REDs would put their time and effort in to a modding tool (that is better thought out than the original redkit as I heard) that can only create skins and rebalance mods? That's at least what I suspect. That's why they released 16...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now with the mod support

    For everyone worried that the redkit won't come out. To say that "At this moment we're not planning to release anything else" is just a more sophisticated way to say " the redkit 2 will be released after the expansions becuz munnies". So stay patient and wait.
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