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  1. TheeHappyDalek

    Hoping future content drops add new/more interesting relationship choices

    My apologies for the misunderstanding <3 1607838840 Right? Like an actual post-game stretch or something. Like I don't know what happens in the end, don't want to yet, but if I suppose, if everything works out, I mean.. that would be cool, to have that while you stop crimes, play in the city.
  2. TheeHappyDalek

    Hoping future content drops add new/more interesting relationship choices

    Japanese girls with big breasts? Except my grievance is that there are no or at least very few male LGBT relationship opportunities. Like someone else said not that it's at all relevant, I am also married. This is not some plea for some RPG fantasy. This is absolutely a justifiable suggestion...
  3. TheeHappyDalek

    Wanted citizens question

    Lol I was reading this like what I didn't know any of this 😂😂
  4. TheeHappyDalek

    Wanted citizens question

    I cant seem to get bounties even for NPCs I don't kill, any idea what I am doing wrong? Do we have to do something before taking them out? I know the money is minimal but I don't think I am even getting that. And I am referring to the wanted NPC things
  5. TheeHappyDalek

    Hoping future content drops add new/more interesting relationship choices

    If this turns out to be the case I will be grateful and issue a full forum apology XD
  6. TheeHappyDalek

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    Lol I am Latino and Egyptian and I wanted to look as such XD
  7. TheeHappyDalek

    Hoping future content drops add new/more interesting relationship choices

    I'm pretty into the game so far, it's mostly answered my personal hype, and been the game I was hoping it would be. I love, it, thank you CDPR. I'm a little disappointed in the relationship stuff though. I think most of us were under the impression there would be far more than four choices. Not...
  8. TheeHappyDalek

    The romance options for straight Female and Male V is disappointing [Mild spoilers]

    So much this. I am a bisexual man IRL. There are all these female choices (as in to choose, not as in choices for female V, although...) My biggest single complaint is the bartender at Rox.. I was honestly pretty disappointed. Mateo or whatever is hot, I was pretty disappointed as you said that...
  9. TheeHappyDalek

    Can we not name our characters??

    That's kind of how my brain processes it too tbh. Like, in-game we're V, that's our nickname, our street name, then we have the name we know.
  10. TheeHappyDalek

    My Penis Disappeared!

    I have no words... XD
  11. TheeHappyDalek

    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    I figured out what happened, and appreciate your help in fixing it.
  12. TheeHappyDalek

    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    I I was literally as you responded trying to figure out why my account name is what it is.. lol My nickname is happy, my name is Rafael. Rafael Garcia. :( Like I noticed as I introduced myself, now it's stressing me. In fact as a mod if you have a solution on how to address that I would be...
  13. TheeHappyDalek

    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    Hi folks, my name is Rafael, my friends call me happy. Longtime RPG fan like so many of us, and can't wait until we get to enjoy cp together ✌🏼❣️
  14. TheeHappyDalek

    Post NCW2 poll - which lifepath are you going to choose?

    I'm still going to pick corpo but I saw an article or something where one of the devs mentioned that you're not going to reach the point of 1%. That you're not going to get to a point where you can afford a flying car and all that stuff. that takes a little bit out of it for me because I wanted...
  15. TheeHappyDalek

    If you make multiplayer at all, please do it as a separate game

    We of course can't assume one thing or another but it would make sense if they used Grand theft Auto online as the influence. This is not like a fanboy reply or anything I don't currently play GTA online but with a few positive tweaks I think GTA online definitely set the standard for single...
  16. TheeHappyDalek

    Anyone else gonna spend alot of time in the character creator?

    I can't wait. There's a lot of looking forward to in this game and this is pretty up there on the list. And the level of detail definitely contributes to that. There's nothing worse than a character creator but you can't really get into it and immerse yourself in the game like this is me, this...
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