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  1. Spooke714

    Skill Checks Increase/Scale with Level? (2.0)

    It pretty much forces you cheat/mod, max your character out and then you don't have to deal with it.
  2. Spooke714

    Bug: Bionic Joints are broken

    I hate this system.. They should have just left mods. This system is annoying af.
  3. Spooke714

    Non-removable Weapon mods is not fun

    Clothing mods were annoying. I think adding extra boxes to the the cyberwear screen should have been a place for clothing mods, that way we could have changed clothes without worrying about changing mods. But weapon mods... Man I miss weapon mods... I can't wait for a modder to add those back...
  4. Spooke714

    Why did you kill stealth netrunning?

    All of your attacks should start with Sonic Shock for "Stealth Netrunning". There's also a mod on Nexus that removes the tracing.
  5. Spooke714

    Just realized a major change that was not mentioned in patch notes for 2.0

    By maxed out you mean max Tier 5 cyberware and max skill trees and maxed weapons, etc.? I haven't gotten to Chimera yet so I'm just curious
  6. Spooke714

    Baffled by 2.0 changes - Pushed into "classes"

    I was waiting until I get deeper into the game to give a review but I agree. The new skill tree system is really bad. The old one was way better, way more DnD (customizable). The results for both of the are the same, you end up OP af. But pre-2.0 character sheet was more fun. I pretty much hate...
  7. Spooke714

    Quickhack "Reboot Optics" Bug?

    It's useless tbh. Weapon Glitch is better and basically serves the same purpose.
  8. Spooke714

    Vignette option

    That's the problem with consoles and it's why I don't own one. Across the board PC is better for every game. Playing games like Skyrim or Cyberpunk w/o mods is like going on vacation without money.
  9. Spooke714

    Vignette option

    Guys... use Nexus and get the mod to remove it. Even CyberTweaks Engine has a checkbox in their settings to remove it.
  10. Spooke714

    Netrunning 2.0...

    If you want to come out of the womb powerful af then use mods... Cyber Tweaks Engine is up and available.
  11. Spooke714

    Clothing changes are not good.

    I honestly like wearing whatever I want without going through the gauntlet of adding mods, etc. I'm just waiting on Virtual Atelier to update. Virtual Atelier - Cyberpunk 2077 Also, believe me, somebody will add armor mods (via mods) back into the game.
  12. Spooke714

    I think players are right about the police in Night City

    I said it before on another post. The more NCPD missions I complete = the more lenient they should be towards me. "Oh Hey V, yeah you're one of us, carry on V" "Uh Dispatch, uh yeah, the perp got away" "Have a great day V"
  13. Spooke714

    Ashura (smart sniper) having issues locking on?

    I have the smart weapon tree maxed out but Ashura is not preforming well. I lock on, shoot, and it misses or doesn't smart/auto-aim. Some times it works correctly and sometimes it doesn't... It seems like it only functions if I aim down sight then pull the trigger. I basically can't Lock on...
  14. Spooke714

    Level scaling ruins the game

    If you want to be OP again then just mod your toon... And give it times, soo enough we'll have a mod that allows 5+ weapon slots, they'll reintroduce all of the unique weapon mods and you can stack it to hell and back.
  15. Spooke714


    Found it, it's called Errata: Errata | Cyberpunk Wiki - Fandom
  16. Spooke714

    Dodging in melee combat

    I haven't found one yet.
  17. Spooke714

    Core mods are updated for 2.0

    Core mods are updated. DJ_Kovrik Mods 2.0 Update Status : Лист1 (I'm not a modder, all credit goes to the modders but for those of you like me who's been missin da mods, here they are 2.0 compatible:) redscript - updated red4ext - updated Codeware - updated Cyber Engine Tweaks - updated...
  18. Spooke714

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    Can you share her full stats?, makeup and all (i'm terrible at makeup). Also (so sorry), if you have time, can you share your other two teens please? The reason why, I've been roleplaying a teen in cyberpunk via
  19. Spooke714

    :( Is it Balanced?

    Nothing mods wont fix.
  20. Spooke714

    Favorite song

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners | Who's Ready For Tomorrow
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